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“Косово је Србија!!”

Republic of nothing-and-nowere република ништа-и-нигде hellhole
Kosovo Flag.jpg
Map of Kosovo
Albanian motto (American)"In America We Trust"
Serbian motto (Serbian)"убиј шиптара"
How to get there Only via Serbia, America,
Russia and Albania
, No other country
is crazy enough to travel
to Kosovo.
Largest city New York
Official languages American, Srpsko-shqipe, shqipe-Srpsko, srpsko-u.n, u.n-shqipe, u.n-srpsko, shqipe-u.n and srpsko-hrvatski
President King Ajdemi Popusi IV
Area (qefke)NONE
Population 2,000,000 (Sober: none)
Time zone UTC + 1 = 4
Most Popular first name Dardan and Milosh
Most popular sentence "oh my! im a stupid tourist with a lot of money just hanging out of my back pocket i hope nobody in this country would think of robbing me!!"
Least popular sentence "U.N resoloution 1244 is now in effect"
National Hero/s Tito and jihadists who throw down more booze than yelzin
Official bad Habit picking knits of each others scrotums.

Kokosovo, or its full name The autonomous/independent province/republic of kosovo/kosova and metohija/burnt down church land is a state which is located in the European Union region of America. It is a de-der-facto mae-facto indescripto Independent partially almost certainly semi-recognized country in the Ball-cans.


One can only find Kosovo if one really believes it is there, it cannot be found on any map because k.l.a didn't think that far ahead, much like Big Rock Candy Mountain or any locale cartographed by a stoner. The best way to reach Kosovo is to get to Amsterdam first and then follow the Opium trails until you reach a person with a traditional white hat (plis) who is smoking a joint and nursing his crotch after having been fellated by a goat. Eventually you might also encounter some of the wild species living in this country commonly referred to as "Albanians" or "shqiptars" (или голубе) but you shouldn't fear any danger as long as there are only 15 of them, or say "qefke nonne" out loud.

Also you could use some fancy GPS device but where is the fun in that?


Serbians see: Serbian History
Albanians see: History of Albania

Curly History[edit]

Kosovo is a famous sniper battle ground and one of the most popular multiplayer maps for "Age Of Empires".

Originally populated by the albanians, then Turks came in the Ottoman Era, along with rolling US tanks from the 20th century and went apeshit. During the Monolithic/C. Clarke period in Kosovo, the state was called "East Washington" and laid in the vicinity of Vince's-Turds. In the 4th to 2nd and back to 5th centuries BC, it was owned by the Trashyc-AIDS-Ill empire of the Dardani. It joined the European Union after being crowned king of Trashyc-AIDS, yes, didn't I say?


Official Logo of G-Land gettin' high Fest

Wedding ceremonies usually require a fixed number of Kalashnikov rifles in order to perform the ritual of "happy shooting" or shooting in the air until you have no more rounds left or even shooting at Serbs ('cause they are much more fun to shoot at, especially in enclaves). The usual ratio for required Kalashnikov's is one for every ten people attending the wedding celebration, but in cases where Kalashnikov's can't be brought because of the presence of KFOR it is recommended to use regular pistols at a ratio of 5 for every 10 people.

The ==INITIATION== is one of the oldest and least known about traditions from Kosovo. It takes place after the annual alban-laughter festival. Young boys collect the testicles of dead goats and throw them at Serbian women. They do that because they wish they will marry one day a beautiful Serbian girl instead of a buck-toothed Albanian girl. Fat chance (better luck with the goat whose nuts he stole). Other traditions include: Ceremonial mafia parties, where new members are ceremonially raped in the ass; Rioting; Violent protest's; Uprisings; gay laser discos; hairdressing lessons; shit talking competitions (very compeditive with albanians); goat urine skolling competitions; smoking ass hair while pretending they have the money for marijuana; and just generally looking butt ugly.

Main Events[edit]

Pravoslavna Crkva Open is an international tournaments in Guxhas, which takes place from 1-5 May of every year. The Guxhas' teams from all over the world compete for the Grand-Prix , which is a pack of 30 prostitutes (10 from Moldova, 10 virgin nun's and 10 cows) , Plus $0.30 cash for each member of the team. This activitiy is always supported financially by ministry of youth and sports of Kosovo. The slogan is "mi shiptari jebemo srbske majke svaki dan"(praise our new beautiful land)!' and it is shown as commercial on the local TV just like the other coke ads and 1970-style crappy music.

G-Land "gettin' high" Fest is and international event, which takes place in east of Kosovo, in the city called G-Land (Gnjilane), where marijuana consumers compete in individually and collective category. The prize is a life time supply of weed for free for the winners, donated by Amsterdam - Tirana Connection LTD.


Rivality between Kosovan and Dutch fans

Kosovo's national sport is guxhas. It is played in team of 21 people where one is the guxha and others are pravoslavni Pavle. The guxhas have to stand naked while the players hit him on genitals with a unshaped piece of wood. The Guxha must remember to say "Guxha"(shkinat e kan leshin e bardh-wich means serbian girls have white hairy pussy) to win, or die to lose. The sport has a very high fatality rate, since the Guxha has barely enough time to respond due to being constantly hit in the balls . Therefore the Olympics are never planning to host in Kosovo.

People of Kosovo[edit]

For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Kosovo.

The people in Kosovo are divided in four major groups: