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Krabbegat is the birth place of "Vastenavond" or "Carnaval". Bergen op Zoom is also known as the city where the French and the Spanish were chased during long wars.


Most famous inhabitant is Spuit-elf, a strange looking creature with the facial features of a clown driving around on a small firetruck. He feels pleased when he can shoot large amounts of confetti through open windows. Other inhabitants look more human but dress up like drunk farmers, and seem to be in a constant life or death struggle with curtains. Another main feature is the clay talisman around there neck which seems to give them the power of drinken vast quantities of pils. The number of tablets around there neck stand for the number of years they excist and give a hint about there life expectency. The highest number ever seen was 3, which should say something about there drinking habits.


Krabbegat is constant at war with other famous Dutch cities such as: Oeteldonk, Kielegat, Kruikenstad with it's in-famousKruikenzeikerts and Lampegat

Creation of the city[edit]

In Anno Bush 1763 (so 1763 years after the birth of George W. Bush), a dangerous fat guy (Theo van Gogh) wanted to create a city without people who don't look and think like him. Van Gogh wanted to go to Apartheidland but he, stupid as he was, took the way to Iceland. When he arrived there, he saw that was paradise and created a city. Not knowing how to call the city, he scratched his ass praying for inspiration. That's why he called the city Krabbegat (Esperanto for ScratchAss). Because of this lovely name, well-known people like:

came to enjoy the diversity of seasons in Krabbegat. Krabbegat is actually known of having the less gay people in the world.