Kramer v. Kramer

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“The single most important television extravaganza of all time.”

~ ZxTWO on Kramer vs Kramer
A scene from Kramer vs. Kramer.

Kramer v. Kramer was the single-most popular episode of the television show Seinfeld. Airing October 13, 1997, it still holds the all-time Nielsen record for the most viewers of a single 30-minute segment of television. Meryl Streep guest-starred on this episode. It was expanded into a Broadway play in 1999, breaking the attendance records previously held by Cats. The Broadway play was adapted into a movie in 2003, winning the Academy Award for Best Picture. Finally the movie was transformed into a transformer robots "in disguise" robot, as, you guessed it, a whitish looking black guy, and he won some chili cook off or somethin....

Plot Outline[edit]

The episode opens with Elaine having yet another sexual crisis. She confides to Jerry in his apartment, but Jerry tells her "Maybe, you weren't *meant* to be a woman - not that there's anything wrong with that." Elaine and Jerry then get into a protracted argument, only to be interrupted by Newman, who is delivering Jerry's latest drug shipment disguised in a carton of cereal boxes. Elaine storms out of Jerry's apartment, and Jerry follows her, yelling that he's sorry she took his comment the wrong way.

Newman, thinking that Jerry is stiffing him on his cut in the drug shipment, dumps the drugs into Jerry's toilet. Meanwhile Kramer has entered Jerry's apartment, and seeing Newman dumping the drugs, plunges his hand into the toilet to save the day - and his arm becomes stuck in the bowl. Newman, panicking, darts out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, George has begun dating a doctor, and discovers that she specializes in sex change operations. During a visit to George's apartment, she notices a picture of George, Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer, and becomes infatuated with Kramer, and hints to George that perhaps it would be a good time to meet his friends. George declines, but while they are eating dinner in the corner diner, Elaine and Jerry burst in, still arguing about her sexual crisis, and sit down at their usual table - which is where George and the Doctor are also sitting. The doctor, hearing of Elaine's crisis, suggests that she come in for a sex-change operation, and to the surprise of George and Jerry, she agrees.

Elaine gets the sex change operation. The doctor, still infatuated with the picture of Kramer, remakes Elaine in Kramer's image. Jerry and George, who accompanied Elaine to the health resort, don't let her know what she looks like, and embark on a series of zany scenes, keeping her away from mirrors. Back in Jerry's apartment, the real Kramer has been stuck for the last two weeks with his arm in the toilet. Finally Jerry, George, and Elaine go back to New York and enter Jerry's apartment just as the real Kramer, who's lost so much weight over the last two weeks that his arm has come free, bursts out of the bathroom, his arm covered in blue toilet water. Upon seeing Elaine as Kramer, he believes that the drugs have seeped into his system via his arm, causing hallucinations. The real Kramer goes nuts, attacking Elaine. The doctor then shows up, admits to her love of Kramer, and switches Elaine back.

George, of course, is furious, and writes a TV show about it all. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Quotes From the Episode[edit]

  • Jerry: These Kramers are making me thirsty!
  • Kramer: You just let the Kramer r-RIGHT OUT OF THE BAG!
  • Kramer: I like Cosmo, but actually my first name is Vitas Gerulitas...all one word!]]