Krypto the Superdog

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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Krypto the Superdog.

Krypto the Superdog is a animated series being aired on adult swim. It has the most annoying theme song in the history of television, and they actually announce the names of the people who wrote each episode, which is stupid since no other show does that, not even Dora the Explorer. It is about a horny kid called Kevin that finds a spaceship filled with yiff, porn, and hentai games. There he meets a drug addicted super dog called Krypto who got neutered by Superman.

Krypto before steroid abuse.
Krypto after steroid abuse...yikes...


Krypto is the porn loving, crack addicted mutt who got his dick cut off by Superman after violently fucking Wonder Woman. He enjoys taking his "medications" daily and jacks off while watching his favorite porno, despite the absence of his penis. His superpowers include:

-Jesus juice squirt
-super hump
-rape at the speed of light
-nuclear crap bomber
-hyper groin licking action
-able to transform into Triumph the insult comic dog
-able to summon O.J. Simpson to do his dirty work
-super extendable boner (harder than steel)

Kevin Whitney is the horny ten year old that while jacking off found the spaceship holding Krypto and his porno collection. He enjoys watching porn and masturbating with Krypto. Usually he gets bitch-slapped around by Krypto. In fact, Kevin is Krypto's bitch.

Strippy is the super powered kitty that got his superpowers when he was huffed by the Flash, and like the Flash enjoys flashingpeople, except as opposed to just flashing, Strippy Streaks. The rubbing of the skin eventually caused Strippy to gain the power to vibrate at incredible (and comfortable) speed. However this is a disadvantage since Krypto and Kevin constantly use Strippy as a vibrator. This caused Strippy to think he was a trans-sexual and his goal in life is to have a sex change.

Ace the bat hound is a 65 year old rapist and tranvestite that lures little boys in to his dog house for the promise that they get to see batman in person. He was arrested for raping local boy Michael Jackson and was sentenced to thirty years of prison. He eventually escaped and married Kevin. Michael Jackson is now grown up and rapes little boys because Ace screwed up his mind. Not really a dog.

The Dog Star Patrol[edit]

The Dog Star Patrol is a team of gay dogs that fights for the right of homosexuals. Their team is composed of:

-Brainy Barker: What seems to be a female dog is actually a guy that got a sex change.Because of this, Strippy is very jealous of him.His sex change failed so his chest is flat and he sports both a dick and a vagina.

-Mammoth Mutt:A crazy bitch that should lay off the chicken. She can turn into a giant ball sack and crush her enemies to death with her testys of terror. The only lesbian in the group.

-Hot Dog:A sex toy that achieved sentience, he is constantly sucked upon by the other team members which gives them more powers due to the fact when you suck on him, a shiny white liquid squirts out which endows the consumer more energy. Smells like fish.

-Bull Dog:A mutant barney clone with two horns used to fuck his victims mercilessly. His horns can triple in size when there is gay porn around.

-Paw Pooch:A bassett hound that can grow extra arms for more pleasure. He can masturbate and have sex with several guys at the same time.

-Tail Terrier:A dog with a lasso tail. He uses his lasso to trap little boys where he will bang them...HARD!

-Drooly:He drools... and gives the best blowjobs you've ever seen.


-Mechanikat:A cat that got ran over by a six wheeler and got turned into a cyborg. He is 50% metal, whereas his penus is made of pure hard diamond. He can launch missiles out of his anus and his goal in life is to take over the planet with trisexual cats.

-Snooky Wookums:The ultimate huffing kitty, he(or she?) is constantly the victim of huffing and was brutally molested and/or raped by Mechanikat. He is a organic sex toy just like hot dog only no white stuff comes out.

-Ignatias:A reptilian ass-hole, he likes money so much, he'll fuck money. He'll kill his own grandmother for cold hard cash. He will even fuck Rosie O'Donnell for tons of money.

-The Joker's hyenas:On crack and too much coffee....that is all. I think they are gay homosexuals. No really, they're gay. Official sources say so. They're so fucking gay...high too.


Episode 1: Kevin, while masturbating watching The Powerpuff Girls discovered there was a huge turd shaped U.F.O with Krypto and porno inside. Then they go around fucking prostitutes.

Episode 2: Mechanikat gets a lawsuit for rape and Krypto gets arrested for slapping a ho.

Episode 3: Krypto bangs Snooky and his minions in a bed for three hours without a condom... talk about conflicts.

Episode 4: Krypto spends the entire episode trying on new dicks for his groin.

Episode 5: Vagina of the Century

Episode 6: Krypto the Superdog develops a new disgusting fetish for poop and becomes gay.

Episode 7: Rebel without a Ballsack.

Episode 8: Santa Claws gets it on with Mecha-Ape while Krypto watches and jacks off to a new porno he got for Christmas.

Episode 9: Krypto eats radioactive goo, grows to gigantic size, and uses the giant California Redwood as a dildo for his anus. The entire rest of the episode is a tokusatsu.

Episode 10: Krypto saves the world from the an(nu)al Straight Pride March.

Episode 11: Anal Whore.

Episode 12: Krypto learns that eating your vegetables is the way to go!

Episode 13 to 45,000: Shit happens that questions all the character's sexuality.

Episode 45001: Krypto struggles to find a fire hydrant and ends up peeing in the water supply

Lost Episode: Krypto haves sex with the hottest and sexiest anime sluts in the universe and kills alien pimps along the way.

Last Episode: Krypto gets skull-fucked to death by Mechanikat.

Ture Last(and lost) Episode: Krypto fucks Mechanicat anally and Snooky gets raped by Ace and Huffed by Kevin, while Dog Star Patrol fucks streaky.