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Ku's Klues was a popular 1960s children's show about a white supremest named Cosmo Kramer and his bitch (Literally) Ku. The show was during the civil rights movement and encouraged segregation.

A Klue!


typical scene from Ku's Klues.

Every episode involves Ku leaving a series of "klues" in the shape of a burning cross. The klue would be left on a person place or thing, 3 times during an episode and once the 3 klues are found Kramer has to figure out what Ku wants to do.

The action that blue wants to preform usually involved some sort of maiming or torture of an innocent Black or pillage and murder of dozens of unsuspecting blacks in a single town.


Character Description
Ku a white Bitch (literally)
Weapons Ammo Drawer talking furniture that holds the Klue notebook; and other varies weapons of tool of torture
Whitey Soap a talking male bar of soap; he tries to "clean up" the balck community
Tickety Bomb a talking bomb; he'll randomly explode in episodes taking millions with him
Mr. White and Mrs. Black An interracial couple who try to show that whites and blacks are no different (ussally get murdered at the end of an episode)
Nick and Shanykwa demented children of Mr. and Mrs. Black and white
Shove-it and Pale Two very white friends who try to help Cosmo on his journey
Iron Maiden Box Talking torture device.
Miss Whitey Ku's supremest teacher; first appeared in "A Big Black Surprise Guest"
Boris Cosmo's talking burning Cross


Season 1[edit]

  1. Murder Time
  2. What Hood Is It for Ku?
  3. IronMaidenbox's Birthday
  4. Ku's Story Time
  5. Who Does Ku Kill?
  6. Ku's Favorite Protest
  7. Adventures in New York
  8. Ku Crusifies at the Beach
  9. Pretend your a Weaker Race Time
  10. A Whitey Day
  11. The Crying Game
  12. Ku Wants to Play a Game
  13. The Growing Black Show
  14. Which Cross Does Ku Burn?
  15. Tickety Bomb's Favorite Time To Explode
  16. What Black Is Ku Afraid Of?
  17. Ku's News!

Season 2[edit]

  1. Cosmo Gets Penis Envy
  2. What Does Ku Want do?
  3. Ku's Senses!
  4. Ku's KKKs
  5. Blacks can't Do Math!
  6. Ku's Birthday
  7. Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!
  8. The Lost Episode!
  9. Ku's Sad About Black Existing
  10. What Did Ku See?
  11. Nurture Slaves!
  12. Ku Is Fucking Pissed!
  13. What Is Ku Trying to Do?
  14. Snipe and Run

Season 3[edit]

  1. Ku's Cross Hunt
  2. Weight and Balance
  3. What's That Black Yelling?
  4. Negro Behavior!
  5. White and Black Occupations
  6. Ku's Big Mystery
  7. What's So Funny NIGGER?
  8. Ku's Play


Obviously the black community wasn't too fond of the show but with the low academic standard of black people at the time no one knew what to do at the time.

That is until Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech and the show was canceled for being hateful.