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“They both had Kurds in their way!”

~ Punchline on Saddam Hussein and Miss Muffet joke

“Kurds are mountain Turks. ”

~ Turkish constitution

The Kurds (full name: Cheese Kurds; also spelled Cheese Curds for the purpose of alliteration, and not to be confused with Turds) are a people of the Middle-East who are most notably used in the the production of cheese and poutine. The Kurds, of which there are shitloads too many, are also but less commonly known for their fierce resistance against outsiders. Kurds have been known to set themselve on fire, rather than tell their enemies where the Great Kurdish Pot of Gold is hidden.

Kurds are an Anglo-Saxon origined people. They speak poopoo language Ancient English. They also have relationship with Catalons and Basquens. And all Kurds have many adaptations to cold climates and have no country. Their behaviours are very gay and interesting. Ironically, they seem to get extremely pissed off when you violate all their rights.