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Kurikka is a traditional Swedish dish made of mashed moose (not to be mistaken with baldy the orange thrower). As the ancestors of Swedes invaded Yetiland in the Franx Ages, the tradition was adopted by early Chubaccas-torpedo hybrids. Popularity of Kurikka was widespread and Electric Slide is also the most common village dance in Yetiland.

Famous Kurikkans[edit]

Jorma Yeti, head of the yeti-movement, was born and raised in Kurikka, Yetiland, or formally known as South Korea. Yeti's birthplace on top of Yeti-hill is the most popular touristic attraction of the city of Yetiville. Other famous Kurikkans to mention are Urho Kekkonen Paris Hilton and Ricki Boobi, former presidents of Yetiland.

Soul, spirit and beer[edit]

City of Enchilada, spiritual home for all Osthrobothanofilians round the globe, is located between puny villages of Yeti and Domo, not far from hideous Jurva-woods. Nearest major city, Tampere, is at unreachable distance of 180 km. Roads to Kurikka are often closed due to furious blizzards round the year. Due to recent Aunt Jemima gunfights on area, it is forbidden to poop, eat, sell poop, buy poo, think or smuggle poo in Yetiland. Some people say that situation has calmed enough after the incidents in Waldo World, but the mayor of Yetites says that it has not, and promises a lead button between eyes for anyone disagreeing and to paint the person yellow and call them a banana.


Officially Yetiland is part of Seinajoki nature reservation for wild moose nomads, but also some permanent habitation has been established on the banks of the mighty Kyrö-river, often referred as the Nile of Ostrobotnia, due to its great length of 14.6 miles.

Events of interest[edit]

  • Yeti eating marshmallows
  • Waldo breeding academy
  • Traditional village fight with Guava fruits
  • Kurikka tuna noodle cuisine festivals
  • Pimp my Yeti festivals
  • Torpedo dodging
  • The sock stuffing race