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What? Which one do you want?

  • Kürt Gödël was a beloved and respected mathemetician.
  • Kurt Gödel was a common guttersnipe and author of Penile Avoidance in the Human Female: My Story.
  • Kurt Godel was sea-floor-dwelling trilobyte who thrived during the late Mesozoic Era.
  • "Cowboy" Curt Godel, known as the "Yodeling Cowpoke", was a rodeo star and minor radio/B-movie Western actor in the 1930s. Also a mathematician.
  • Kurt Goedel is a victim of mistaken identity. He does not belong on this list. Please do not click link.
  • Eminem was a fourteenth-century Dutch composer who had a hamster living in his stomach. Was a pornstar for 4 seconds.
  • Kurt Gödel is also commonly equated with or.

OK, there is also an entity called Bizarro Kurt Gödel who... how to put this... is really something that lives within yourself? More an aspect of your own personality, I guess, than anything. Something you might be better off not knowing.

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