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Low-Definition Television, also known as LDTV, is a revolutionary old tech system that broadcasts in a lower definition than most televisions today. The result of the picture is often "1980's-grade" and is completely in black-and-white.

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With LDTV, even this image looks good, does it?

LDTV was first developed in 1999 by several African scientists who used the old equipment from American TVs. They decided that there were too many expensive newfangled "HDTV" televisions being made and that not everyone can afford it, because they thought it was a good idea at the time. In just a decade, nearly all of Africa has LDTV. The picture quality was much more superb than SDTV. The first network to broadcast in low-definition was some station in South Africa in 2000, when they showed the Olympics.

Screw HDTV, LDTV is the NEW HDTV!

It is expected that nearly all of the world will have LDTV by the year 2020. The African scientists demand TV networks worldwide to show movies and shows on LDTV because some small networks do not have the money to broadcast hoe downs or other shit in "high defecation". Plus, those TVs are expensive. Why have the fancy, problematic HDTV when you can stick to old faithful LDTV?

Uses and problems[edit]

You can find LDTV in your old TV, your iPod, and just about everywhere. All videos on YouTube are in low-definition. Why bother with HD? Because if you do, your TV is going to waste. However, in the year 2013, 150 people died when a television exploded in an African village.

What LDTV looks like[edit]

If you're a fucking retard, then here's proof that LDTV is still better than HDTV:

LDTV will soon be gone in Australia. But never fear! You can remember like it's 1989 with this! Go Vintage!

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