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Lloyds TSB are a nice group of people who are helping me to pay for food by giving me a nice shiny credit card, and a big fat overdraft.


Lloyds TSB are a nice caring bank who are happy to give credit to anyone who needs it, they always give you as much money as you need, and they even pay you for letting them look after some of your debt.


I have never had any saving so I can't say how good this bank is for savings but if their savings accounts are anything like their credit accounts they will be the best bank in the world.


Lloyds TSB has always used the icon of the black horse since even before it was created, by the merger of Lloyds Bank and the Trust Savings Bank. It was Lloyds bank that had the horse icon, a heads up to its past status as a royal bank, whilst the TSB part of the bank just used to have three circles as its logo.