Lake Huron

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Lake Huron®, test bed for the designers of Lake Nylon®, Lake Dacron®, and Lake Teflon®, was the first entirely synthetic lake to be developed by E.I. duPont de Nemours and Co., the famed chemists of the fictional state of Delaware.

The idea for a completely manmade non-stick lake was devised when monsieur duPont took a look at Lake Inferior and realised how dirty the Great Lakes were becoming from everyday use. Why not create a lake that, like a plumbing fixture, could simply be flushed out after use with no sticky, icky bits left behind?

Sadly, as the first crude prototype of an entirely plastic lake, Lake Huron® began to attract far too many shallow plastic people, mostly Toronto suburbanites looking for good cottage spots. To remedy this, duPont went back to the drawing board many times, finally creating a Lake Teflon® to which absolutely nothing sticks.

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