Laser Disc

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The first prototipe

Ancient system of video from 1999, like all important sucess.It was created by a Gigolo that needed see porn movies with his childs in an other system, because the Beta system was very small to eat.One day, walking on the street, he was found a enormius frisby with a belt.He was paste the belt in the frisby and voilà, a nice video shit system.Our Gigiolo send the patent in a newspaper ad, between the prostitutes ads, because the people only sees it.The people called him only to he become millionar.Now, he lives in the street, because it´s a homeless, but he has got 1.000.000 of euros.

The first prototipe[edit]

It was consist in a delicious pie with anus shit.If you wanna play it, you can´t beacuse it only has the circle form, nothing else.