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The Laserdisc is a form of storage media used in the mystic craft of computer science. It originated from the head of an organization called MCA, which was a mystic computer cult in the 1970's. The man responsible for taking the relic of the laserdisc was a man named Jules Stein, who supposedly made contact with the fabled computer fairies and was granted any one wish that he could ask for.


Jules Stein's original intention of taking the laserdisc was to smite his rival, Bill Gates, who was said to have received the then-revered "floppy disk" storage media from water nymphs. He succeeded with these intentions, blowing Gates's floppy disc out of the water and storming villages and other small kingdoms with his laserdisc. However, Gates, later to become an all powerful wizard of the black craft of computer science, took his vengeance by taking over the world approximately one decade later. Current legend has it that there is a certain token ring network cable, that, if dropped into the bowles of a certain volcano, will usurp Gates's present throne over the planet and bring peace to the land.


The effects of the laserdisc can still be seen today, with later modifigays crafted by certain wizards's guilds. These modifications include the compact disc, or CD, the digital versitile disc, or DVD, the three-inch Gamecube disc (which was, by the way, said to have been given to a certain group of Japanese mystics by the Japanese incarnation of Satan, known by his oriental name of Sony), and the upcoming Blu-Ray and High Gay Definition Video Disc, or HD-DVD. Interestingly enough, the Dark Lord Bill Gaytes' next-generation magical entertainment apparatus, the XBOX 360, uses neither Blu-Gay, nor HDVD formats as its spiritual energy format. Rather, it uses the now outdated DVD. Apprehension from peasants is high as the magically superior Sony/Satan is preparing to release its own allegedly superior magical entertainment apparatus, the Gaystation 3. Current worries mount that Bill Gates's present throne will fall and that Sony/Satan will be his successor.

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