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laughs laughs are triggered by jokes and other things that we find funny. an example of a funny joke is... you know I like peanut-butter and I like jelly but I hate the two of them togeather. My mothers always saying you like both of them seperatly so why don't you like them togeather. My answer is I geuss that i'm just funny that way, for example I like stripping and I like grandma but stripping grandma WORST NIGHTMARE ! Heres another one... the teacher was asking her class a math probulm so billy put up his hand and said what's a whatsa. "what did you say billy?" "I said what's a whatsa." "Go to the office!" so billy went to the office to talk to the princiable. "now billy what did you do?" "I said what's a whatsa in class." "GO HOME!" so billy went home and when he got home he met his mom. "Why are you home so early?" "I said what's a whatsa in class." "GO TO YOUR ROOM. A few hours pased then his dad came home. "son what did you do?" "I said what's a whatsa in class." "GET OUT ON THE ROAD." So billy went out on the road and a few minits later a police car came up to him and the police said "What did you do?" "I said what's a whatsa in class." "GET IN THE CAR!" So the police took him to jail and threw him in a cell. But luckly there was a lose brick which he pushed out then squezed out of the hole ran out onto the road and got hit by a bus. what's the moral of the story. look both ways before crossing the road.