Lead Poisoning

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Lead poisoning is a common course that is taught in Brazil's 3rd grade classrooms. It is taught in many different ways, each commonly resulting in death. The Brazilians don't care of course because this just means fewer people trying to jump the US border with the rest of the little amigos from somewhere south of the border.

The health effects of lead poisoning are an enlargement of the gall bladder, and a certain aroma coming from the poisoned person's crap that the Dutch like to rub on their wooden shoes for no apparent reason.

Much to the Brazilian's dismay lead poisoning is now being taught to illiterate, actually believing that they will get paid, North Koreans. The reason that they are doing this is so all the toys that they sell here, most notably the hug-me-kiss-me-love-me Michael Jackson dolls can poison the Americans who are dumb enough to buy them. Though it looks like those sly North Koreans will get away with their plan and rip off the Brazilians.