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The League of Heroic Pictures is a group of images on Uncyclopedia who fight crime.


The League currently has seven members:

The "Right Wing" Picture[edit]

The "Right Wing" Picture

The "Right Wing" Picture is one of the most well-known superheroes of all time. When not fighting evil, he disguises himself as the Left Wing by flipping himself horizontally. He has the power to play guitar at those who do not return his sweater.

Chicken Little Windows Vista[edit]

Chicken Little Windows Vista

Chicken Little Windows Vista is a princess from the land of Zil. She likes to lie about the size of her breasts. She has the ability to go from here to Kandahar.

Square Earth[edit]

Square Earth

Square Earth is the reincarnation of several Jesuses. His brash attitude brings him into conflict with the other members of the team. He has the power to drink Ritalin when in the presence of some food he wants to eat.



Macaulin.jpg comes from the planet File Extensions. He is a bit of a loner, but is dedicated to protecting Uncyclopedia from vandalism, whatever form it may take. He's got poison knees.

Photo Of An Orange Kitten[edit]

Photo Of An Orange Kitten

Photo Of An Orange Kitten was once an ordinary kitten until somebody painted him orange. He is known to be a teenager with cattitude, making him eligible to become a Power Ranger. He can summon a lot of Texans. (oh, no!)



Longname's full name is 590px-Giotto - Scrovegni - -20- - Flight into Egypt, but everyone just calls her Longname because they're lazy and don't want to type all that out. She is quite bitter about this and as a result hates all of mankind. She can read, break down, and have a wahoo reaction.

That Pretty Cure Picture[edit]

That Pretty Cure Picture

That Pretty Cure Picture is very mysterious. Nobody knows its true name, its sex, or to what extent it loves Sophia. What is known is that it has the ability to fly here in the clouds, it never doubts a flood, it occasionally throws almonds in the loo, and it sometimes wears a suit and claims to be Sega.


The League of Heroic Pictures was founded in 1941 in response to an alien invasion. At the time, Longname and Square Earth declined to join; however, they officially entered the league ten years later when That Pretty Cure Picture appeared to have been killed in a tragic mustard accident.

For a while, the League existed in relative peace, protecting Uncyclopedia from miscellaneous threats such as pizza. However, in 1957, an evil Vector Prime from an alternate universe attacked Earth, intending to blend. The League concentrated their powers but were unable to stop the rampaging elderly robot, even when they joined forces with the Founding Fathers and the newly returned That Pretty Cure Picture (who, as it turned out, was not allergic to mustard after all and had simply needed to go to the bathroom). Fortunately, Leonard Nimoy arrived to save the day.

In 1971, the League offered membership to Stakeout, in honor of his heroic victory over Big Daddy in the International Awesome Championship; however, he declined, on the grounds that he is a toy, not an image.

Since then, the League has fought to protect the world from Oprah alongside heroes such as Mega Man, Hitler, the real Vector Prime, George Wendt, and Papa Smurf.