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Ledian is a Bug/Flying type Pogeyman who evolves from Ledyba. Ledyba, Ledian's pre-evo, evolves into Ledian when Ledyba flies to the moon and dies from eating all of the cheese up there (did you know the moon is made out of cheese!?!?!?!). After Ledyba evolves into Ledian, it is able to grow strong enough to swarm and destroy the sun. The sun reincarnates after 2 half hours, however. This is why there is such a thing as night and day. Ledian evolves into Machamp. Machamp is uglier than Ledian, and is not a Bug/Flying type and this obviously make so much sense. People tend to forget what Machamp's types are because one of its powers are that it makes you forget what it is... Ledian evolves into Machamp after having sex with all of the ten existing Pogeyman.

Ledian look like aliens, because of the shape of their face and huge blue bug eyes. Wait, Ledian are bug type anyway! Bug/Flying to be exact. They are not neon green, and are actually red with black limbs. There are also yellow spots on it, but Persons forget where. Persons thinks that it should glow neon green. Ledian, however, does not. Also durring the half moon, the Ledian has a large 13 inch penis that glows sparkly purple. This is the mating time for the Ledian.

Ledian can breed with all of the ten Pogeyman, but only durring the half moon (see previous paragraph). That is the almost opposite for Ditto, one of the ten Pogeyman in the Pogeyman Universe. It can only sex with Ledian. www.serebii.net says that Ledian has only the Bug egg group, but that is wrong. The Pogeyman that Ledian can sex with are: Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Ledyba, Ledian, Machamp, Ditto, Meowth, Persian, and Mimitchi. These are all of the ten Pogeyman in the Pokemon universe. Persons wish Persons could sex with Ledian, but Persons is not one of the ten Pogeyman in the Pogeyman universe.

Ledian only knows the move Tackle. Although Tackle is a weak move, it is enough to destroy the sun when the Ledian are swarming, which is why there is nightime. Why a swarm of Ledian using Tackle can't destroy the moon is not yet known. Why a Ledian would want to destroy the moon in the first place is known. The reason is because Ledian have nothing else to do except lick LOLlypops. So Ledian lick LOLlypops instead. Persons would think that Ledian would know the move Lick, but Ledian don't. Lick is a Ghost type move. Ledian is a Bug/Flying type, not a Ghost type.

Ledian are Pokemon. Pogeyman fit in spherical red and white orbs, also known as Pogey Balls. Pogey balls are red on the top, white on the bottom. How they fit in the spherical red and white orbs, also known as Pogey Balls is not known by Persons. Pogey Balls are often used as sex toys.

Ash Rectum has never caught a Ledian. Most experts believe that he has never killed one either, thus making Ledian the most powerful Pogeyman in the known world. Recent finding show that the only thing that Ash Rectum as done to a Ledian is take a shit on its head.