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This article is about the level 27 elemental mage. For the level 32 elemental mage see Bill Clinton.

For the mythological deity, see ancient Geece.

Lee Newton is a level 27 elemental mage in War of Warcraft, jedi, not asian, and gladiator assasin. Lee Newton is also a player hater, level 7 noob, and pimp. Lee Newton hates Jesus and in 2006 fought Jesus in a lightsaber duel and subsequently lost both his arms and his left ear (see plastic surgery). After loosing his battle with Jesus, Lee became a gregorian monk and was molested by the other monks. Lee was traumatized and took his own life by stabbing himself in his genitals and bleeding to death.

Al Gore summoning a fireball in order to battle Lee Newton.

whaaz, a science wiki site, have updates on stem cell biology and other related topics.

Many people killed themselves contemplating the meaning of these words. After this, he was proclaimed master of the universe, not to be confused with He-Man, Master of the Universe!!!

His many accomplishments are as follows:
  • Gave Nick Lachey an immense amount of crabs which caused his genitals to fall off
  • Made the Ewoks gods of the universe