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Leeuwarden (Or Ljouwert as the retarded Frisian people call it) is probably a country situated in the small village Friesland. although nobody has ever proven that it exists, people claim to have seen this place at night when it fogged. most sightings were north-east of Schiermonnik oog. Leeuwarden is said to be the home of many famous people like George W. Bush and Leonardo da Vinci.

There are many theories around Leeuwarden:

Some people claim Leeuwarden once was a successful city in the Neverlands. However, when Frisian people came to live there, the citizens all got scared of their weird language and their ugly faces so they committed suicide, the Frisian people then were doomed to stay between the city walls until eternity. fortunately for the Frisian they were able to Fierljep the city around the whole of the neverlands.

Another theory is that Leeuwarden is not inhabited by Frisian people at all. the theory says that Leeuwarden was a ship of the V.O.C. that was lost in a storm and ended up in Friesland. the crew of the ship did not know where they were and they could not ask anybody because of the lame language. the crew would get food by stealing the fugly cows of the Frisian people and steal their crops by making "graancirkels".