Legendary Dude

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Legendary Dude was a Protector of the American Way. His superpower was that he could turn into Attila the Hun or Julius Caesar or Shane S at will. Little is known about where he was born or how he lived as a child, but authorities have found out recently, from an interview with Joker, a supervillian in Gotham City, that his original name was Turnintoa Pers Onatwill. He defeated many villians in his lifetime, but died when The Batman accidentally threw a bat at him. Legendary Dude immediatly collapsed, for the bat had hit his liver, and he had a very weak one. They took him to the hospital, but it was too late. Batman regrets this action, although he had thought the Legendary Dude to be his archnemesis, Joker. Hey, why'd we have an interview with a bad guy? Oh what the heck.

Preceded by:
G.I. Joe
Protector of the American Way
1967 - 1980
Succeeded by:
Captain America