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Legion (more or less) trying to possess a new host

Legion is a group of demons first brought to fame in the popular, yet controversial, children's fairytale book named the Christian Bible. Following its role in aforementioned fairytale Legion has moved on to become a controversial figure among the demon-community as well as a part-time author as well as an album by deicide.

The Traditional Story[edit]

According to most translations of the original tale the story is as follows:

"Once upon a time Jesus noticed a hippy that seemed rather unwell - with a tendency to projectile-vomit pea-soup and spin his head around at random intervals.

In his infinite wisdom Jesus decided the man is possessed and asked the demons inhabiting the man to talk - under threat of a stern talking to if they did not comply.

Out of fear and/or stupidity the demons answered, "My name is Legion: for we are many."

Jesus proceeded to ask the demons to leave the hippy's body - Now the demons that composed Legion were aware of the awesome power of Jesus, and being demons they proceeded to tell him that he had "farty-pants" and that they wouldn't leave the hippy and he couldn't do anything about as sending them to Hell would be a retarded punishment as they were already demons born of aforementioned afterlife.

Jesus responded by exorcising the demons out of the man and stuffed them into pigs instead - this made the demons sad and they drowned themselves in the nearby sea.

And everybody lived happily ever after - except Legion, who had drowned.."

Moral Of The Traditional Story[edit]

Theologians, Philosophers and general smart-people have argued for centuries over the moral behind the traditional fairystory and after much debate the academic community have come up with what is now known as the "likely to be true moral of this story".

The moral is: don't mess with Jesus or he'll turn you into a pig, which will make you emo and kill yourself..

This is the current accepted school of thought on the subject.

Controversy Of The Legion Story[edit]

The story of Legion has come under increased controversy over what many demons believe is a glorification of the main hero (Jesus) performing a horrendous act of hate-crime against their kind.

Opponents of the story also point out many other such stories within the Bible in which demons are stereotyped, abused and generally treated as second-class citizens.

Legion's Version Of Events[edit]

Following the controversy of the original story Legion itself has published it's own version of the fairy-tale where it is portrayed as a downtrodden servant forced to do slave-labor for it's wicked Step-Jesus and forbidden from going to the ball but gains a chance in the form of a magical Tooth-Fairy..

this version of the story is popular among some demons but is seen as unoriginal by the mainstream world, with claims that it was inspired by an earlier fairytale and also has little to no relevance to the original story, of which Legion angrily denies.

Legion's Goals For The Future[edit]

Legion's current goals are to return to the mortal-world and wreak a terrible vengeance on the unbelievers that will ultimately end in the destruction of the current universe.

Once again Legion has attracted criticism over this goal, with opponents stating it is similar to the goals of both Satan and God - despite threats of a lawsuit over the matter Legion refuses to back down and denies that its idea is "uninspired".