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Leigh Scott born February 18 1782 as Lucius Blackthorn is an alien invader posing as a no talent, cry baby director of Z movies.

Leigh in human Form with his idol

Early Life[edit]

Born as Lucius Blackthorn in the year 1782 on the planey Sirilia, a planet 15 million light-years from Earth. The Sirilians are a humanoid, war loving species who are constantly at war with the Helic Empire for control of the Milky Way galaxy. At the age of 56 he was drafted into the Sirilian Army and fought many campaigns against the Empire and various other xeno species. He quickly rose through the ranks and by the age of 125 reached the rank of Warmaster. Such a feat was almost unheard of in the Sirilian military. In 1915 Blackthorn started a campaign against the Empire for control of the Karnigan system. The war stretched out for about 28 years. Thousands of bloody battles were fought on land and in space. Billions of lives were lost. In a daring last ditch effort, Blackthorn brought his entire fleet to attach Karnigan V, the Helic stronghold in the system. His plan was to simply destroy the entire planet with an orbital bombardment and wipe out the majority of the Helic forces in the system. All was going to plan until re-enforcements from the Helic 5th Fleet arrived. Outnumbered 3 to 1 the Warmaster's only option was a retreat but it was too late. Out of 1500 ships only Blockthorns capitol ship Pain's Retribution manages to escape back to Sirilia. Upon arrival he was sent to meet King Omicron himself. For his failure the Warmaster was ordered to be sent to the Basilica of Torments where he was tortured for 60 years because of his failure. Upon his release Lucius was almost driven to the point of insanity. He was then stripped of all rank and sent on a death quest to conquer Earth, a primitive backwater planet in the Segmentum Solar. He was given a ship and immediately sent to Earth. Shortly after his departure he went into hyperspace and entered cryo-stasis for the long journey.

Leigh Scott in his true form, Warmaster Lucius Blackthorn

Arrival To Earth[edit]

Warmaster Blackthorn arrived on Earth in the year 1979. He landed his ship in the state of Minnesota. His ship was easily about to avoid detection by primitive human technology. However a young boy stumbled upon his ship while trekking through the woods. A young boy by the name of Leigh Scott Slawner. Young Leigh let his curiosity get the better of him and walked to close to Blackthorn's ship. Freakin' Star Treck. Telling kids its ok to go the woods. Its not! The warmaster then emerged and upon seeing the boy killed him with as much regard as a man killing a cockroach. He then used the boys DNA to transform his body into human form. So was born the Leigh Scott we know today.

Life On Earth[edit]

After taking control of the life of the original Leigh Scott he then thought of strategies to conquer Earth on his own. He knew even with his superior strength and power he could not kill every single human by himself. He thought of many different plans such as infecting the whole planet with AIDS or blocking out the Sun. None would work however because he didn't have the resources and countless legions at his disposal anymore. One day he observed his 2 human sisters Amber and Erica arguing over the movie Howard the Duck. Erica thought the movie was brilliant while Erica called the movie an abortion. The argument quickly escalated into a fistfight. It then dawned on him. If these 2 humans would fight over something as simple as a movie the why not the entire population of Earth. All he had to do was simply make crappy movies so humans could fight about them over the internet at first and then IRL. There would be some humans who would enjoy them no matter what because 1/4 of the population is retarded. In 1990, Scott moved to Los Angeles, California to attend the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Upon graduation in 1994, he went to work for Roger Corman's Concorde Pictures. While working for Corman he learned how to make a good movie and did the complete opposite. After a brief hiatus, he returned to Los Angeles and went to work for independent production company The Asylum and so the chaos began. He directed such classics like King of the Lost World, Pirates of Treasure Island, and Hillside Cannibals. The movies were abortions, clearly written by a monkey with a typewriter or possibly even a cat on a keyboard. It was not until 2007 when he released Transmorphers that s**t really started hitting the fan. Transformers fans from around the globe flocked to IMDB to battle it out with fans of the mockbuster. Pretty soon fight broke out and then full scale riots. This was because some fans actually believed Scott’s work was original and superior to the films they ripped off of. Leigh then added gasoline to the fire by appearing on IMDB himself going the the name DirectorLeigh. Everything was going according to plan. His next move was to send copies of his movie to United States Marines in hope of a full scale war breaking out. The Marine's fearless leaders Chuck Norris and R. Lee Ermey quickly realized this and quickly intercepted and destroyed all the DVDs. They then confronted Leigh at his studio but even with their great skills and powers were no match for him. At this time the Helic Empire caught wind of the old Warmaster's plans. They quickly dispatched Agents Hater and Nightbringer to Earth. Using their Webway Gates they made the journey to Earth in a matter fo days. They knew that only them would be able to save the human race from this evil menace. They quickly made IMDB accounts and tried to convince fans that he was a no talent hack. There were a few die hard fans who just wouldn't listen. Fans such as efwilliams80, dr spider man, and film-guy. It was soon after they formed the Cult of Scott and worshiped Leigh as a god among men. They then began offering human sacrifices and mutilationg thier bodies in the name of thier new god. Each of them branded the Mark of Scott onto thier chests. Efwilliams80 even gained 100 pounds in one month to honor Leigh. It was at this time Nightbringer and DirectorLeighHater (as he was now called) realized that no more of his movies should ever see the light of day. On the night of June 3, 2008 the snuck into one of Leigh's studio. The plan was simple, steal all copies and scripts of his upcoming movies and burn them. When they entered the studio vault what they saw horrified them. Dozens of movies waiting to be released. Titles like Hanclock, Greet The Spartans and Dark Night. As they were about to destroy the abortions Scott entered clad in full armor and armed with his power sword and lightning claws. It had been a trap all along. Hater made the first move and leapt into action. Drawing his spring loaded, double edged, power sword he charged Scott and attempted to slay him. The Warmaster had centuries of experience and easily blocked his jabs and punched Hater in the face with his massive gauntlet. Then Scott was struck by a blast. Nightbringer had drawn his plasma pistol and shot Scott in the shoulder. In Anger, Leigh ran at Nightbringer who continued firing but failed to hit his target. Leigh swung with his sword and came centimeters from decapitating Nightbringer. Then Nightbringer drew his light saber and activated it. Nightbringer and Scott went back and forth thrusting and slashing with their weapons. Hater soon sprung to his feet and joined the battle. For an hour the Agents fought the Warmaster with everything they had. Then Leigh slashed Nightbringer across the chest with his lightning claws. Nightbringer fell to the ground like a rock. Hater was now on his own and would not last much longer. Finally Scott disarmed him and had Hater on the ground at his mercy. As Leigh was about to deliver the killing blow a glowing blue blade pierced his thigh. It was Nightbringer. "Run Hater, save yourself", Nightbringer shouted. Reluctantly he ran, not wanting to leave his comrade in arms but someone had to alert high command that the mission was a failure and call for re-enforcements. They did however manage to destroy a few movies like Ivanna Man (A Juwanna Mann knock-off), Wally(a movie about a cute time traveling robot), and The Incredible HUK. Leigh then kicked Nightbringer in the face and dragged him to one of his screening rooms. He then strapped Nightbringer to a chair and turned on the projector. For the next 2 weeks Nightbringer was forced to watch back to back marathons of Leigh's films. [[Transmorphers[], The Hitchhiker, and countless others. He was begging for death by the end of the 2nd week. Then out of nowhere a wall exploded and in came the elite Helic Guard led by Hater. Immediately they were horrified at what they saw, it was a battle scene from Transmorphers. The Guard then held Scott of long enough for Hater to free Nightbringer and make their escape. Hater informed him that plans for another mission were already under way. Hopefully this menace could be stopped soon. Lord help us if a Star Wars rip-off ever hit theaters.


On June 11, 2007, while traveling back home from his "home state" of Minnesota, Leigh Scott was arrested at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for attempting to solicit sex with Idaho senator Larry Craig.


  • Has talked with Eddie Murphy about a possible sequel to Norbit.
  • Has Secretly been helping Jason Friedberg in the makings of Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, and Disaster Movie.
  • CGI in his movies are actually inferior to the 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
  • Believes his films are superior to their mainstream counterparts.
  • Is going to be a contestant in the next season of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.
  • Thinks that crying and insulting people on IMDB for their opions is professional.
  • Once created a movie entitled "I planted a Bomb in this Video Store". No one reported it.
  • There is a reference to 'Humanity must die' in all of his movies.
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