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A less than sign, in colour!

“One is less than two.”

~ Captain Obvious on being less than

Less Than was a concept developed by mad scientists between the 18th May 1983 (3pm) and the 19th May 1983 (4:30pm). It was an afterthought to Greater than, which was developed 1790 ET < X < 1983 PT where "X" is the true date of inspiration made by an unknown entity of questionable reliability.

Less Than is well recognized for a number of attributes such as being less than greater than, having a pointy edge, having two sides, being less than greater than, being a mathematical symbol, having articles with many long and annoyingly stupid words in it and being less than greater than.

World Domination[edit]

Demonstration against =
For more information, see World domination of Less than

Less Than took over the world during 1997, when it was sick of being placed below Greater Than. It decided that the only solution to this problem was to form an alliance with Equals, and in doing so, enter a state of world domination. The first attack was on April the 16th when Less than the Great attacked Pi, and reduced its value from 3.14 to 2.98, and in doing so, altered circles all over the universe, and even altered the shape of the universe itself. Following this attack, in May the 18th, Greater Than, joined forces with Square Root, and used their combined power to restore the value of Pi, and people all over the world rejoiced, for they could once again eat their favorite meal.

A Comeback[edit]

Following the eventual downfall of it's plans for World domination, Less Than took up its life's calling as a stunt man's mouth guard for the "PacMan Eats Global Warming: You Can't Hide, Bush!" action-thriller-drama-comedy-porno. The subsequent STD infections and bouts of drug-use finally caught up to Less Than resulting in heavy depression. Less Than was once heard saying "How can I ever be anything greater than Less Than...{sigh}". Unfortunately for NASA scientists who can't tell the fucking difference between Standard and Metric without him, and fortunately for the rest of us who just don't give a flying fuck, Less Than has been in seclusion since his big screen debut...presumably getting sodomized by Dash (making the relatively flaccid Tilde very jealous indeed) while smoking Marijuana cigarettes...reefers.

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