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Liberal Fascism flag according to Glenn Beck
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Liberal Fascism is a term coined by Glenn Beck when he still worked for CNN with Jonah Goldberg and Ben Stein as a response to ultra-left-wingers calling conservatives as fascists. It might very well be an oxymoron as fascism is a right-wing form of government to counter communism and Liberal Fascism might mean Communism instead of Fascism that is Liberal.

“When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jackboots. It will be Nike sneakers and smiley shirts. Smiley-smiley.”

~ George Carlin on Mocking Conservatives like Glenn Beck from beyond the grave.

The Irony of it all[edit]

Since Fascism was a right-wing response to Communism, then Communism is the original Liberal Fascism. Only when Liberals do it, they usually call it Socialism, Social Justice, Social Conservatism, Green Jobs, ACORN, APOLLO, Tides Foundation,, Black Liberation Theology, IWETHEY, The Daily KOS, Kuro5hin, The New York Times, and other ultra-left-wing nuthouse moonbat foundations and organizations.

The name of some of these Liberal Fascism organizations:

ACORN: Association of Criminals Obama Represented in the Nineties. (While Obama denies ties, he worked for them as a lawyer and they are under investigation for various counts of fraud.) APOLLO: Association of Persons Over Lying Lawyers Organization. (Lawyers lying for the screwing over of the tax payers and the exploitation of poor people.) The Daily KOS: Killing Over aged Seniors. (Against Teabaggers, mostly senior citizens upset over Medicare/Medicade being cut to fund Universal Health Care. Finding creative ways to force them into suicide or heart attacks or strokes by writing nasty things about them so they can get stressed out and die. Their solution to health care is to kill off all of the older people dragging down the current system.) IWETHEY: Internet White Eclectic Trolls Hating Every Youth. (Middle Aged child molesters who hate the youth of the nation and abuse them.) TIDES Foundation: Taking In Digital Electronic Salary. (In other words laundering money and paying off teachers to brainwash children via Youtube videos that are propaganda and indoctrination videos.)

Don't be fooled, your rights and freedoms are at risk if you are not as ultra-left-wing as these people and their organizations, and they are actually trying to hijack the Democratic Party of America from real Liberals and Blue Dog Democrats. Liberal Fascism claims to be Liberalism, but it is not, it is more like I can't believe it's not Liberalism brand imitation Liberalism.

But Why?[edit]

Since the early 20th century Liberal Fascists had worshiped Fascist Dictators like Mussolini [1] Liberal Fascist Bankers had bankrolled not just Mussolini but Hitler as well as early as 1939. This is because Liberal Fascists support dictators of any sort as they are against freedom and rights and Democracy.

In modern times they support Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Osama bin Laden, and Jimbo Wales.

NPR and PBS are their propaganda media companies controlled by them and funded with federal money. General Electric is one of their companies and with it NBC, CNBC, MSNBC (Founded with that evil corporation Microsoft) that also pushes propaganda, and like an octopus they got tentacles on CBS and ABC but CNN is still Centris and obviously Fox News is Neocon based. Many Independent Libertarian Centris Moderates died to bring you this information in this article, please don't let their sacrifices be in vain. There also are Liberal Fascists who own oil and fossil fuel companies and have deals with the USA's enemies. General Electric will soon force people to use a smart grid that is a big brother technology that spies on people, the software behind the health care reform, the RFID chips that will be implanted in all citizen's right hands or foreheads soon for identification purposes, selling forbidden nuclear and encryption and advanced technology to Iran and other US enemies, and behind the banking and AIG scandals using sockpuppets.

But at least they aren't racist?[edit]

In fact they are racist. [2] [3] They hold down entire races by controlling the public schools so that each minority in those neighborhoods gets cheated out of an education and given third rate treatments and indoctrinate them via videos and books written and produced by Liberal Fascists. One such video is called "The Story of Stuff" by the Tides Foundation's Annie Leonard, a self avowed communist. Which talks about how greedy capitalists are, and how the world would be better off with communism instead. It shows the supply chain and at the end eliminates government and the corporation to show a communist cycle that is "good for all people and the Earth" without capitalism or private corporation ownership. It is filled with inaccuracies and factual errors and fallacies and personal attacks, but teachers give an "A" to any student who watches it instead of actually doing an assignment on economics. For adults Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story" [4] distorts facts and edits conversations to attack capitalism and promote communism (called Democracy in the movie, but Democracy isn't an economic system, Communism is with a Mock-Democracy). The video and movie attacks white people and blames them for the problems while saying the minorities don't matter and scaring minorities so they cannot get a good education and good jobs. A Comic Book version is being passed around in public schools and colleges that promotes Communism but only for white people.

Warning these are actual quotes by Liberal Fascists, and not the views or opinions of Uncyclopedia or our members, editors, and administrators. We quote them for accuracy to show their biases, and most might find it offensive what they say. But we couldn't even make this stuff up if we tried.

“Capitalism is evil, Communism is better. We need to get rid of the Democratic government and the Corporations because they use up resources and earn too many profits. Black People don't understand this and keep buying their bling bling without thinking about the consequences to the economy and the people and Earth's animal life and resources.”

~ Annie Leonard on Capitalism

“Capitalism is in bed with the government. They stole our money and we want it back. We need to replace Capitalism with something else like Democracy which is founded by true freedom fighters, and Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. Minorities don't get that and keep supporting capitalism by buying material things.”

~ Michael Moore on Capitalism
A Popular Comic Book, "Capitalism, a Love Story" the comic book version that is passed around in public schools and colleges. Notice only white kids and a white teacher, as they don't think minorities are smart enough to join the communist party.

Liberal Fascists keep the minorities down, and then blame the conservatives for that, thus winning their votes when they turn 18. Liberal Fascists sabotage minorities and indoctrinate them, and claim that every problem they have is not because they got a bad education but racism, capitalism, the federal government, and the fact that Liberal Fascists when in office got attacked by Fascist Conservatives from getting stuff done but Conservatives are Assholes and that is why they can get things done even if Liberals try to stop them. Oh yeah they are racist as well, even if George W. Bush hired a lot of minorities in his administration he is a racist by default for being a neocon. But Liberal Fascists cannot be racists even if they use an abuse minorities and call them racial slurs and homophobic names, because obviously some Neocon asshole made them do it via mind control and they forgot their tin foil hat that day.

When Liberal Fascists hire minorities for their non-profit groups like ACORN they almost always keep them at entry level jobs so they can take the blame for voter fraud or giving a pimp and underaged hooker a loan application and get fired. Even if they were just following orders and policies from the White Liberal Fascists. The minorities are used and abused as disposable employees or pawns on a chess board. That's racist!

When they form the communist party they won't even let minorities join it, and force them to be their civilian labor force. Come on even the Republicans allow minorities to join their party and corporation and administrations with high level positions. If the Liberal Fascists cared about minorities they wouldn't call them names behind their backs or assign them top level jobs instead of data entry, clerical, janitor, or security guard positions, they would even allow them to join their communist party.

ACORN, APOLLO, and the Tides Foundation use Coyote smugglers for Latino illegal immigrants and Snakehead smugglers for Asian illegal immigrants so they can be imported to the USA to work as slaves for the various Liberal Fascism organizations and corporations. Underage illegal immigrant girls will be given home loans via ACORN and set up their own brothels with members of ACORN as their Pimps. Illegal immigrants will be smuggled into houses ACORN and APOLLO own with over 18 per house, some locked in closets, others locked under the stairs and most sleeping on the bare floor with no AC or Heating. Liberal Fascists don't care about the rights and freedoms of minority illegal immigrants as they treat them as slaves anyway. They even cut them out of the universal health care bills as well, because they think they aren't worth the health insurance money.

Of course Liberal Fascists can win any debate by calling the other person a racist. That way they silence the opposition, which ends the argument, which stops the debate, allowing the Liberal Fascists to claim victory.

Since the star of the Iraqi War, 8,987,735 babies have died due to abortion, about 5,237,890 of them are minorities forced into abortion by Liberal Fascists to keep the population of minorities down so they can stay a minority.

But I still have freedom of speech?[edit]

Sorry but if you don't agree to their opinions and views you'll have to stand over just a bit. Move over a bit more, a bit more, towards that barbed wire near the people with rifles and riot gear in order to make your statements. You anger is fake, and part of Fox News even if you don't watch it or aren't a conservative. You'll be constantly attacked and called names like racist, idiot, fascist, neocon, capitalist pig, dim, conservative stooge, carbon hog, meat eater, car driver, NRA member, Sarah Palin wannabe, Windows User, Wal Mart Shopper, eater of fast food junk, fatty fat fatty, insane person, evil, media vampire, news zombie, Internet hobgoblin, radio werewolf, etc. All to silence your voice so that they can force their own opinions and views down your throat and silence anyone who doesn't agree with them. When they take over, you'll be one of the first against the wall or put into FEMA Concentration Camps.

They use college and high school students to patrol the Internet and get on Digg Reddit and other web sites and submit articles that promote their agenda. They also frequent Wiki sites, forums, Scoop sites, and other areas using sockpuppets to drown out the competition. They troll and they troll hard all for the cause of bringing about a revolution and a new republic of communism.

“..and to the communist party, for which we stand. One nation, under control. Without liberty, and justice except for the chosen members of the communist party.”

~ School Children on New Pledge of Allegiance


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