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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Liberal arts.

"Do you want fries with that?" - Liberal arts major at their job

The Liberal Arts are run by a vast Left-wing agenda that attempts to undermine our great Republic by promoting Liberal (i.e. Communist) thought throughout our nation's school system. You won't find the Conservative Arts in these destitute institutions run by blatant hippie homosexuals who are out to destroy our country. The Left is actively working to denounce Pat Robertson as a beauraucratic monkey of Newt Gingrich, followed by a malicious smear campaign against Michael Myers in order to defuse the Able Danger coverup instigated by Chief Justice Rehnquist. This Leftist Bipartisan agenda has lead to political debate consisting of radical social terrorists lead by Paul McCartney in an effort to redistribute a fascist government state of despair before the Bush Administration can be indicted by Karl Rove in the case of Libby vs Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald.

Again, do not trust this propaganda fed by the evil homosexual mass media. Listen to talk radio regularly, in order to avoid the Liberal controlled brainwashing and its Nazi supporters of death.