Liberal terrorists

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Warrning This Article Was Written By Bill O'Riley

Those Liberal terrorists like William Ayers and Barrack Obama spend all they're time having gay sex and invading your home VOTE REPUBLICAN-Republicans on Terrorism

A Liberal Terrorist is someone who commits the worst action against society by voting Democratic. You're not one of them are you. If so God Will Get You He Will Get You

Are You A Terrorist[edit]

If you answered yest to one or more of these questions GOD WILL KILL YOU KILL YOU

Notable Terrorists[edit]

Credibility of the Article[edit]

Fox News approves this article to be 100% accurate however we have not yet been deemed to be an accurate source by MSNBC, CNN, Google, Yahoo,The Associated Press, The New York Times or any other credible source.

Evidence that Liberal Terrorist are Real[edit] Could we make it anymore obvious! Oh did we mention he's gay and wants you to be to!