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Can't face the truth? it's hard to fathom responsibility or even reality let alone evolution, which is a lie. Am I right! yeah high five for Jesus! cough... cough... "bullshit"... cough... cough... Well you could all ways lie to yourself, go ahead buy into any fantasy or cult you want. Just follow my easy guide to self delusion and you'll be a misguided asshole who will join other people who've adopted the same convenient point of view. hell you could be the leader "fuhrer" of said group "neo nazi party".

Blame a group of people for all of societies problems[edit]

This is really easy now, its kind of like madlibs, but instead of helping with your ability to use verbs and nouns, it allows you to scape goat one group of people in the hopes of finding a simple cause to society's complex problems without having to learn anything about the inner workings of the economy or the government because learning is hard, and let's face it you probably dropped out of high school long ago so you probably lack the facilities to learn anything new or accept anything that's against your beliefs.

So here's how it's done: Those/Them god damn (conservatives, Liberals, Atheists, Mexicans, Jews, Niggers, Poor Bums, Rich Bastards, Media, Scientists and Gays) are running our (Society, Morals, Economy, Jobs and Blood Line) with their (Beliefs, Logic, Border Crossings, Money Grumbling, Rap Music, Neediness, Greed, Propaganda, Scientific Method and Same Sex Marriage).

I guarantee that if you follow this simple method you will get that satisfying feeling of finding the cause to society's problems without the work of learning a damn thing. This is also important if you're going to be a leader, because you'll need the above method to form propaganda - which seemed to work for Nazi Germany which seemed that they did last the predicted 1000 years and Hitler didn't kill himself, see what I pulled off, I just rewrote history. A skill any denier needs, write that down in your note books now.

Can't grasp that there isn't a purpose to life or existence[edit]

Or don't - whichever

Adopt a religion if you don't already have one. Believing in a god allows you to cope with the shock of reality by making it seem there's a purpose to death, poverty, disease, war and the dmv, because its hard to cope with the fact that everything is random and people die and get raped for no reason or greater propose other then my entertainment because you think that we're just so damn important because we're people and the universe revolves around us, so Mary's baby daddy just had to create a universe just for us to fuck up the earth with our SUV's

Argue science[edit]

Devil boy

How can one enjoy their false reality when these scientist assholes force their facts down my throat and forward their logic based agendas? Well, it's easy, if you don't learn it you won't accept it! Better yet argue against it even known you don't know a thing about it, claim evolution is a lie without any knowledge of how it works, just say stuff like: "there aren't any transitional fossils" or "the human eye is just too complex to not have a designer" and remember to repeat "irreducible complexity" many times in your argument. And while doing so, group the creation of the universe and life into evolution - it's important to do this because this shows the scientist how strongly you feel against learning, information and relevancy. Remember: Darwin was guided by the devil.

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