Linear Algebra in nature

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To show some of the uses of linear algebra, we will apply it to a vector space over a field of rabbits. We shall call this space Rabbit Space.

We will start with one rabbit, the unit vector of rabbit space.

Rabbits can be multiplied by constants to stretch or shrink them for example two sevenths of a rabbit:

this, along with standard addition, insures that rabbit space is a proper vector space.

Rabbit Multiplication[edit]

This operation allows us to combine two different rabbits to produce one hundred thousand new, bigger stronger and more inbred rabbits. An interesting case here is the identity rabbit, any rabbit multiplied (front side or back side) by the identity rabbit will produce a hundred thousand clones identical to the original rabbit.

The Transpose of a rabbit[edit]

This is the simple operation of turning a rabbit on its side. It may not appear to be very useful, but is crucial for some more advanced techniques in rabbit space. (Historical note: a similar operation on bovine space lead to the invention of the infamous rural pastime of cow tipping.)

The inverse of a rabbit.[edit]

Failed to parse (unknown function "\begin{bmatrix}"): {\displaystyle A^{-1} =\begin{bmatrix} &º&º&º&º&º \\ (&S&P&L&A&T&) \\ &˘&˘&˘&˘&˘& \end{bmatrix} }

We suggest putting some plastic down before attempting to invert a rabbit. Strangely enough multiplying a rabbit by its own inverse produces the identity rabbit.