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Link Not or Link Note is the name of a Wikia practice intended to keep Wikia citizens in line by eradicating the use of external links. It was mainly used on Wikia's version of Uncyclopedia, until the 1960s when it was banned in all districts after it was found to be driving the users away.[1] At the present time it does not have many supporters.


In 1891 or thereabouts, Wikia faced a crisis. Nobody much liked working in the kitten mines, an important source of revenue for the company, as payment was in imaginary strawberries and was insufficient to satisfy their basic needs. This was worsened when the workers' wages were cut, and tensions eventually ran so high that a full-blown rebellion broke out.

The usual tactics of the rebels, known as "forkers", were to add external links to the bottoms of pages or to signatures. This was too much of a threat to the established order: when schoolchildren in West Wikia began to add links as well, it was clear that a solution had to be found, and quickly.


After the rebellion, an abuse filter was created to tag and reprimand all edits that added an external link.[2] An object of some sort, usually a piece of wood, sometimes with the letters 'LN' written on it, would be given to the first student seen to be tripping the abuse filter. This student would in turn give it to the next student who had added a link, and so forth, until the end of class. The last student with the Link Not would be blocked from editing for one week. If this happened to the same student three or more times, they would be blocked indefinitely.


Link Not was variously criticised when it was still in use, mainly by those it had affected. The usual objection raised was that it was unfair, arbitrary bigotry. The accusation of 'bigotry' was too point-of-view to be considered, but the others proved to be legitimate concerns. However, it was decided that life wasn't fair and it didn't matter if somebody made it even less fair, and that particular argument ceased to hold water and leaked on the carpet.

Link Not was eventually banned in most districts in 1940 when a report from a Wikia commissioner found that children were deserting the schools and leaving the country for greener pastures. It was outlawed in the remaining districts in 1963-65 after they realised what was going on in the rest of West Wikia. It was replaced by a policy of reverting, and then banning reverters who reverted reverts.

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