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Link Starbureiy is the winner of the Flavor Flav look-a-like contest and the actual star of the Flavor of Love show Season 2. Born inside a video game, he is the first actual person to make the transition from cyber bit to flesh, having been created by Shigeru Miyamoto after having thoughts of how to get more black characters in Nintendo games. There were some serious initial glitches, but over the years, Link has only been left with an annoying twitch every time he talks.

Starbureiy is the only known person to have permanently curly hair, and his forehead was voted by Hair Magazine as "the biggest we've seen in years", in addition to being a "dead-on portrait of Earth as an ashed planet." After being shat out of The Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time, Starbureiy travelled far and wide in hopes of finding his true purpose. Spanning time, he settled in Philthadelphia, better known as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania some time in the late 20th century.


Smart-ass dude. The secret to his skills lies in his hair. He travelled through time with the Ocarina of Time back to Biblical days and stole Samson's hair fonicles just before the temples fell (hey, the guy was blind).

As of January 1, 2000, Link Starbureiy was officially declared to be smarter than Yoda. Starbureiy invented Math Flakes cereal through a corporate partnership with Egglepple and Kelloggs, thereby guaranteeing supreme math smartness everyday by lunchtime.

Personal Life[edit]

Link Starbureiy is married to a robot named Oprah and they have three transforming dogs. Sometimes, he'll comb his hair and go on Oprah's dreadful talk show as a microphone. He enjoys reading chemistry books so that he can learn new ingredients to put in Math Flakes. In between eating, reading, and oiling Oprah, he actually works. Something uncommon for a black man.

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