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L-ink is a special type of ink used to write information on WWW pages. It comes in millions of colours but appears most often in black.

Origins of L-Ink[edit]

This Page may hurt your eyes. Be careful or you might go blind. Actually, we haven't tested that yet. Would you test it for me?

L-Ink is one of a series of inks designed to be used on computers, L-Ink was developed specifically for use on web pages. Here are some CHEESE short descriptions of L-Ink's predecessors.

Uses of L-Ink[edit]

L-Ink can, when used wisely and appropriately, make a page (whether on the World Wide Wait or on Uncyclopedia) popular, useful and a work to be proud of. L-Ink has even helped people to become either rich or popular, but never both.

L-Ink is most often associated with the practice of attaching something inside of another thing. Because this is a property peculiar to L-Ink it lends itself superbly to use in teh interweb. This practice of putting things inside text has come to be known as linking because people don't like hyphenating words.

Did you know!?: 42% of all links are just pointless redirects?

On the flip side of the coin, too much linking can make a page almost completely useless.

For examples of times when a link is completely useless, Click Here. (See also Link, Infinite Recursion)

The closely related hyperlink is also available but nobody knows what for yet.