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Lisa Daniels is a rock star working for NBC. She has worked under many news organizations through the years and is particularly well known for factual and unbiased reportage. She has a square beard. Her geek code is 4QNU. Her resume is 14 pages long, single spaced. She is seven feet tall with hands like llamas. But on camera, she resembles a cuter Katie Couric, without the horrible horrible frog voice[1]. She may even be in league with George W. Bush.

Life and Career[edit]

Lisa Daniels was born on December 8th, 1905. Her father was a professional Wrestler. Her mother was a florist. Daniels suffered a hard life of poverty growing up, and was inspired by the rock music she heard on the family's radio. At the tender age of thirteen, she decided to devote her life to becoming a rock star, so she could thus inspire others.

However, becoming a rock star proved to be rather difficult. Struggling to make ends meet, Daniels took a job as a news correspondant, and when failed to pay sufficient wages, sold her soul to the devil. Busy running errands for Satan, she was often overworked, and thus lacked time to do sufficient research for her news stories. Regardless of this lack of factual information, Daniel's work was always completely and utterly true.

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