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“Even I can't figure out what the fuck is going on here!”

~ Albert Einstein on DC continuity

“In Soviet Russia, Comic read YOU!”

~ Russian Reversal on DC Comics

Due to numerous continuity errors, retcons and non-canonical storylines, the universe portrayed in the comic books of DC Comics had to be treated by writers and fans as a massive multiverse of universes to prevent the whole shebang from collapsing into a lump of gibberish and fart jokes. What follows is the definitive (although still incomplete) list of universes that existed in the DC Comics Multiverse before the writers Did Something About It. Of course, the readers didn't like the result of the writers' actions, so the writers introduced the concept of Hypertime, causing every DC Comics story ever to be canonical and valid. This, however, screwed up continuity even more, so much so that all writers who have tried to repair the infinite continuity errors have died horrible, horrible deaths. The surviving writers have learned to live with it. The fans have not.

All current universe names were coined during the beer-fuelled DC Universe Naming Party] attended by all DC writers.

Earth Hamstring[edit]

When the list of DC Comics universes got so long that the average writer needed either an IQ of several quintillion or a reference manual the size of Alpha Centauri, the remaining sane writers decided to Do Something About It, so they wrote the legendary series Crisis on Infinite Earths, in which an incredibly powerful being, Ozz Krevitz, destroyed almost every DC Comics universe for no good reason. The series ended with the only three remaining universes, Earth Loofah, Earth Duo and Earth Kanduo, inexplicably blorping into one universe, Earth Hamstring, the current DC Universe, which epitomises the Modern Age of Comics.

Notable Characters include Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Batman, Huntress Thompson, Black Adam, Zigtron, Gary of Mars, The Human Crossiant, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Captain Obvious, Stone Age Flash, Tool Age Flash, Bronze Age Flash and Iron Age Flash. (the latter four were the only characters unaffected by the Blorping due to their high pickle consumption).

Earth Loofah[edit]

The universe depicted during the Golden Age of Comics, created by Hulk Hogan. In this universe, among other things, Superman was created by Hitler's half-brother Franz, Batman became a superhero after becoming infatuated with cheeses that resembled famous cheeses, and the Flash had wings. When Crisis on Infinite Earths took place, quite some time had passed since the universe was last seen, so the main characters had aged noticeably.

Notable characters include Golden Age Superman, Golden Age Batman and Golden Age Flash.

Earth Duo[edit]

The universe depicted during the Silver Age of Comics, created by Hollywood Hogan. In this universe, among other things, Superman ate Silver Age Lois Lane and married Silver Age Jimmy Olsen.

Notable characters include Silver Age Superman, Silver Age Batman, Silver Age Flash and Gary.

Earth Kanduo[edit]

The universe depicted during the Bronze Age of Comics, created by Some Guy Named Clovis. In this universe, among other things, Batman and the Flash used to be the same person, Captain Hojiman, until a freak Tetris accident (this occurred in Captain Hojiman #5435).

Notable characters include Bronze Age Superman, Bronze Age Batman, Bronze Age Flash, Carmen Elektra and Zig.

Earth Oud[edit]

The negative version of Earth Duo where everyone plays fretless Middle Eastern stringed instruments. Otherwise, everything is exactly the same. Introduced in Gary and the People Not Named Gary #7. Original home of Shoe-Head Man.

Earth HUlkjygUF76Tgt[edit]

In World's Somethingest Comics #54, (released during the Golden Age of Comic Books, and thus taking place on Earth Loofah), in the story "The Day The Flash Plotzed," a child drew a simple nonsensical comic strip. This had nothing to do with the plot, and was forgotten for years, until the Bronze Age of Comics Books, in Batman #457645, in which Batman was imprisoned in a nonsensical universe (Earth HUlkjygUF76Tgt) extrapolated from the aforementioned comic strip by the fusion of its owner (brought from Earth Loofah by the Bronze Age version of Mr. Mxyzptlk) and a nine-fingered right-handed glove with the word 'cans' stitched onto it. When Batman escaped, he brought a scribble named Hans with him, and kept it as a weapon.

Earth Emo[edit]

This is the Earth that the newer teenager and 20 something superheroes like Green Lantern Kyle Ryner, Blue Beetle Jamie Reyes, Superboy Conner Kent, and other Emo super heroes were supposed to replace the older Super Heroes of the same name. After Infinite Crisis it was formerly known as Earth-8 but now it ceased to exist because Superboy-Prime punched the space-time continuum after Crisis on Infinite Earths imprisoned him and other in a Limbo dimension. But it brought Jason Todd back to life and other side-effects as well. After Final Crisis Earth 8 became part of Earth One, but it was copied as Earth Emo at the end of that series.

Earth One[edit]

A version of our own universe in which there is only one of everything. That Silly Silver Age Flash was always trying to sell normal things there, always forgetting that there's only one cent there.

Earth Two[edit]

The universe depicted in the miniseries Tarry No More, Sweet Prince. It was proclaimed by the writers to take place in a separate universe after they realized that they had consistently misspelled Superman's name as Señor Testicle.

Earth Three[edit]

Doesn't Exist.

Earth Sixty-Nine[edit]

A universe similar to Fluidic Space. Earth Sixty-Nine is composed of a gelatinous material which originated from the Bartholinium realm. It's been rumored that Athena used this material in conjunction with the clay she used in order to create Wonder Woman.

Earth Six One Six[edit]

Marvel Comics Lawyers don't want us talking about this one. While it exists in the DC Universe, it has Marvel Comic characters on it. Which is how Spider-Man was able to fight Superman and the Amalgam Comics got the DC and Marvel characters mixed up. After Final Crisis we don't like to talk about this one anymore. Some guy named Access who is part DC owned and part Marvel owned is the guardian that makes sure there are no more crossovers or mix ups. In modern days nobody cares about this Earth anymore. No relation to Earth-616 in the Marvel Universe, this one was supposed to be a copy of it, but failed miserably. Lobo the Duck what were they thinking?