List of Jerry Springer Episodes

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Jerry Springer, a popular show hosted by Jheri Spreenger. Is a show which deals with Moral issues, of families and friends in a touching yet, hillarious manner. Won Daytime Emmy for Best Television Drama, Best New Series and Best Damn Thing in the Universe Ever! The Show is broadcasted on all Television, Radio and Satalite Stations for an entire hour, or more commonly referred to as Jerry Hour! Although the show has been put on haiatus because of Jheri's innappropriate relationship in other words he has sex with a thirteen year old and is in jail getting ass rammed by the notorious Ratpack! Schedule set to resume in spring of next year.

Season One[edit]

Name Synopsis Conclusion
Once You Go Black Poor white guy finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him, with a black man. Lebron James, is the father.
Sargent Sex

Part 1

An entire U.S. Army platoon suffers from hepagonashiphilherpAIDSitis, only thing none of them are gay. To be continued...
Sargent Sex

Part 2

The shocking conclusion of the Platoon is revealed. All the members had sex with the same prostitute, the night before they were deployed.
T-Bagged! A Mr. T superfan accidently impregnates his bestfriend's girlfriend. Superfan's bestfriend is actually having sex with his daughter.
South Rises A Low-class white family, is destroyed by finding out that their daughter is pregnant The daughter was impregnated by her father
Cleveland? Well I like it anyway! A Sorority girl suffers from Hepatitis....A! Guest Starring Donovan McNabb Turns out a Donovan took a shit on her chest made her eat it.

Season 2[edit]

Name Synopsis Conclusion
Trannies Get off my Fannie Guy's girlfriend reveals that HE is a Shemale. Guy reveals that SHE is a Female.
Islam Thong Islamic Extremist discovers his soon to be Suicide Bomber is a stripper. Terrorist reveals that he is actually Jewish.
Sexploration A British explorer's wife, discovers that her husband has AIDS, and gave it to her. Britsh explorer is revealed as a pedophile.
Score! Teen girl is pregnant with the entire High School Football team's child. It is the Coach's Child.
Springer's Swingers Special

Part 1

A man finds out his wife has been cheating on him since they were married. Man finds out his brother was having sex with wife, Wife finds out He's been

having sex with her Sister

Springer's Swingers Special

Part 2

Wife discovers that her recent outbreak of herpes is not from her husband Woman contracted herpes from a toilet seat, that her husband had sex on.
Why hate, when you

can Masterbate?

Mother is discusted with her son's newest hobby. Boy turns hobby into career and works full-time at sperm bank.
Brokeback Two cowboys have gay affair in mountains. Both are found guilty of having sex in camping section of Walmart.
The South Rises Again Another low class white family is dealing with an incest problem. Nothing happens, except Mother had sex with Son in law, Son in law had sex with daughter,

daughter had sex with father, Father had sex with truck.