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Ubuntu Linux has served as a base for a bunch of autistic professional forkers, resulting in a utterly useless (but rather cool) pile of 0s and 1s:

  • Gentoobuntu, just like the normal Ubuntu, but based off Gentoo.
  • Cootbuntu, For all Republicans, everywhere.
  • Rubuntu, comprised entirely of software written in Ruby.
  • Cubuntu, featuring long-awaited support for the Cubism plugin for The Gimp.
  • OOobuntu, contains
  • Boobunto, with the only truly intuitive multi-touch user interface.
  • Bluebuntu which replaces the award-winning brown skin by a yellow one.
  • Kaboomto, explodes upon opening the box. Yippee!
  • Goobuntu, to secretly take over the world.
  • GNUbuntu, so Richard M. Stallman can sleep at night.
  • Suebuntu, used to facilitate MPAA's just, but unequal fight for artist freedom.
  • Moobuntu, for cows.
  • Flubuntu, custom-made distribution for Oscar Wilde.
  • Turuntu, has a Canajan spell checker, eh?
  • GRUBuntu, boots with GRUB. Doesn't work, tho.
  • n00buntu, brings joy with AOL Explorer, gracefully emulated.
  • Truebuntu, nothing but the one only absolute truth of operating systems.
  • Lesbuntu, derived from the recently successful Lesbian GNU/Linux.
  • FUBUntu: keep it real, yo!
  • Shoebuntu: it's almost available in your size
  • Sewbuntu, a patchy one
  • Zoobuntu, comes preinstalled in safari snipers.
  • Doombuntu, with an out-of-the-box working installation of a demo version of Doom 5
  • Subuntu, finally allows users to harness the power of the su command.
  • YOUbuntu, with a stolen copy of SUSE's YaST Online Update tool
  • Dumbuntu: if it's good for you, then you won't understand why anyway.
  • Gruebuntu: if you don't recompile the kernel regularly, it will eat you.
  • Zulubuntu, for those among us with fat lips.
  • Edubuntu, to provide sexual education.
  • Stubuntu, designed to ease writing of stub articles in Uncyclopedia.
  • Jewbuntu, the chosen distro.
  • w00tbuntu, assembled by Mr. Bar & Mr. Foo for w00t-w00t cr3w. Don't even ask.
  • Bebuntu, exactly like the original Ubuntu, but with no application software.
  • Flabuntu, Ubuntu for Massive Beings.
  • Stewbuntu, nice 'n tasty!
  • Malibuntu, 27 milibits of scenic beauty
  • DOOM-BUNTU Made by the Irken Army for the purpose of spreading DOOM!
  • Kungfubuntu, will kick your ass!
  • Ubluntu, makes you high!
  • Tuxbuntu, makes your soul to be sold to Linus Torvalds and for some reason Mark Shuttleworth.
  • Macubuntu, like Ubuntu, but based off Mac OS X.
  • Debian-openSUSE-ubuntu, like Ubuntu, but based off Debian and openSUSE.
  • Beerubuntu, is Ubuntu for people make and drink beer (and also for beers).
  • Utnubuntu, ubuntu that mirrors itself automatically.

These can be combined into metadistributions, catering to exact tastes of a single user on a single-user system. For example Deletefilebuntu:

  • is not derived from Debian
  • is licensed under the Lesser General Public License
  • is kanz of teh ghey roxage
  • can be installed only on the first physical partition
  • satisfies every document processing need of the user with the Le Editor.

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