List of United States Pharaohs

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The following is a list of everybody who was a United States Pharaoh.

  1. George Washington (3200BC-3192BC)
  2. Judas Iscariot (3192BC-3001BC)
  3. Millennium Bug (3000BC)
  4. Dick Clark (2999BC-2065BC)
  5. Moses (2064BC-2001BC)
  6. Millennium Bug (2000BC)
  7. Alex Trebek (1999BC-1001BC)
  8. Millennium Bug (1000BC)
  9. Tutankhamen (999BC-684BC)
  10. Tutankhamen's mummy (683BC-663BC)
  11. William Henry Harrison (662BC)
  12. Julius Caesar (661BC-44BC)
  13. Brutus (43BC-1BC)
  14. Co-pharaohs Millennium Bug and Jesus (0)
  15. Isaac Asimov (1-3)
  16. Bob Marley (4-20)
  17. Death (21-665)
  18. Jimbo Wales (666-999)
  19. Millennium Bug (1000)
  20. Everybody (1001-1775)
  21. King George III (1776-1826)
  22. Anonymous (1827-1932)
  23. Logan St. Claire (1933-1945)
  24. David Rice Atchison (1946-1948)
  25. Donald Trump (1949-1952)
  26. Joseph McCarthy (1952-1960)
  27. Thomas Dewey (1961-1968)
  28. Richard Nixon (1969-1975)
  29. Spiro Agnew (1976)
  30. Arnold Schwarzanegger (1977-1984)
  31. Hideo Kojima (1985-1992)
  32. Hillary Clinton (1993-1999)
  33. Anti-Millennium Bug software (2000)
  34. George W. Bush (2001-2003)
  35. Bloo (2004-current)


  • Alex Trebek's pharaohship was so popular that to this day, people still regard him as "the only United States pharaoh worth mentioning", which is often abbreviated "the only United States pharaoh".
  • After his twelve-year reign as pharaoh, most people considered Franklin Roosevelt to be a "total fuckin' pharaoh hog", leading to a constitutional amendment prohibiting anyone from being the pharaoh for more than eight years.
  • George W. Bush was the only person to simultaneously be President and Pharaoh. This combination was the demise of his reign as pharaoh, as the president got stuck on Mario Moonshine and the pharaoh failed to beat the level, which is prohibited by the constitution. He resigned.
  • While the Millennium Bug is perhaps best known for trying to cause the apocalypse, a lesser-known feature is that it automatically becomes pharaoh on each millennial year. This is no longer the case, however, due to the installation of software that has eliminated the bug. Only the software's developers know why it took the software an entire year to destroy the bug, and why the software itself had to be the pharaoh while it was removing the bug.
  • In 1001, everyone was simultaneously elected pharaoh. Massive outbreaks of chaos (the bad kind) ensued. As soon as March of the same year, it was generally agreed that this was a bad idea. However, everybody kept voting for himself or herself anyways, leading to a continued reign until 1775. The chaos that occurred during these centuries was so bad that most history books deny the fact that the United States existed before 1776.