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LithiYum! will make you feel like, at least twenty bucks.

LithiYum! is a breakfast cereal created by Kellogs. It is a cereal created for Emos and sad people. In every bite is a ton of anti-depressant yet diaretic goodness!!! It has many ingredients, including, but not limited to:

  • Emo bits
  • Grue Testicles
  • Your Mom
  • Lithium
  • Lithium
  • Lithi
  • Yum!
  • LithiYum!
  • With more Yum! than Lithi
  • Unhuffed Kitten Buttholes
  • Silicon
  • Happy

History of LithiYum![edit]

LithiYum! was invented in 1997 by the veteran spartan warrior Dr. Phil in order to control the behaviors of abnormal (a.k.a. Normal) teenagers. What he created was a super-drug cereal, largely sought after by addicts everywhere. After several incidents involving razor-blades and Elmo, LithiYum! was banned by the U.S. government. Then came the age of the "bootleggers" where people (usually emo, preferably homeless) would hide dimebags of LithiYum! in their boots. They also opened secret LithiYum! and Ritalin bars. Eventually, the crime and emo rate went up rather than down and the ban was lifted, making LithiYum! socially acceptable again.

LithiYum! Eaters[edit]

Christopher Walken: EATS 'EM RIGHT FROM THE BOX!!!!! RARRRRR!!!!!

Many famous and influential people enjoy bowls of LithiYum! in the morning. Here are some people who enjoy LithiYum!


LithiYum! has come under recent controversy from this this asshole, due to the fact that kitten buttholes are now in short supply. Although no one has complained about emos missing... anyone???... OH COME ON! SOMEONE HAS TO CARE!!!... OH FINE!