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Little Bill


What it is Cartoon, Drama
Creator Bill Cosby
Starring Mr. T
Bill Cosby
Mac Dre
Who's running it Nigga jr.
How long is it 111 years
No. of episodes 666
Would Alicia Keys watch it? Yes, If her only alternative was listening to Tamia music.
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Little Bill is a Children's TV show created in the year 666 by Bill Cosby while he was drunk. It stars Little Bill as he does retarded things in DA HOOD.


Every episode, Little Bill's fucked up imagination kicks in. 'Nuff said. He chills with his homies and his bitch, Andrew. Their fridge is filled with New Coke and Jello Pudding Pops.


  • Litte Bill- Main Character. Bill Cosby Jr. He is a straight up Gangster. Is addicted to New Coke and Jello Pudding. Little Bill was born in a freak accident while his mom was doing it with a Pikachu. Played by Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Elephant- Little Bill's hamster who secretly wants to murder Little Bill. Played by Pichu.
  • Dad- Bill's Dad. He sells houses to Pokemon. Played by Barry Bonds.
  • Mom- Little Bill's slutty mom. Played by Pamela Anderson.
  • April- Little Bill's fucked-up sex-addicted sister. Played by Meg Griffin.
  • Bobby- Little Bill's smartass brother. Played by Ash Ketchum.
  • Alice The Great- Little Bill's Grandma. Played by Chuck Norris.
  • Andrew- The only white character. Little Bill's Bitch. Played by Lance Bass
  • Kiku- Little Bill's Asian Hoe. Played By Clint Eastwood.
  • Fuschia- Little Bill's Cousin Hoe. Played by Howard Stern


Controversy erupted in The year 1776 when Little Bill was deemed racist. Then Wario came by in court and killed everyone. They all reincarnated as Goombas and attempted to rename the show Little Goomba. Then Mario killed them all and they became niggas again. Bill Cosby won the case.

Little Bullet Bill[edit]

Nintendo was sued in the year 666 by Bill Cosby when Nintendo announced a new show called Little Bullet Bill, about a baby Bullet bill. Bill Cosby again won the case.

Chuck Norris[edit]

He gets his own section in this article because he's awesome like that. STFU you know you wish you were this cool.


  • Andrew, You are now my bitch. Your name is now Toby. First rule of being my bitch- you must obey.- Little Bill


Season 1 (2002-2003)

  • 1. Welcome To Da Hood/Little Bill's Bitch
  • 2. A Jello Pudding Pop/New Coke
  • 3. Preschool Is Da Shit/A Hoe for Little Bill
  • 4. Oprah Winfrey's Ass/Donkey Feces
  • 5. Little Bill Gets a Rectal Exam (special 30 minute episode)
  • 6. Little Bill and Da Po-Leese/The N.W.A Come to Town
  • 7. K.F.C. Bans Little Bill/Nigga What?
  • 8. Little Bill's Father is Allergic to Grape Drink/Bill Cosby Rapes Everyone
  • 9. Little Bill actin' a foo'/Little Bill's Bitch Dumps Him for a Hispanic Boy
  • 10. Segregation/K.F.C. Goes out of Business
  • 11. Little Bill meets The Harlem Globetrotters/Bill Cosby Comes Back and Rapes Everybody Again
  • 12. Hate Crimes (Part 1)
  • 13. Hate Crimes (Part 2)

Season 2 (2003-2004)

  • 14. Little Bill Dindu Nuffin/He a Good Boy
  • 15. Little Bill Goes Gangsta 'n Shit/Little Bill meets Richard Pryor (who helps him land a starring role in Supernigga 3)
  • 16. Little Bill uses his pet Hamster as a Buttplug/The Hamster Dies
  • 17. Little Bill Goes Gay!/Little Bill's Dream
  • 18. The Wayan Brothers Become Little Bill's new Teachers/The Wayan Brothers Get Fired for Swearing
  • 19. Little Bill's New Neighbors are a Bunch of Racist Assholes/Little Bill Performs at The Cotton Club
  • 20. Little Bill Sleeps with the Asian Kid From Across the Street/Little Bill's Principal Gets Caught Smoking Marlboros
  • 21. Beeeeeyotch! (Part 1) /Little Bill's Bitch Reconciles with Him (but dumps him again for a pimp)
  • 22. K.F.C. Reopens/Little Bill loses his Virginity
  • 23. Little Bill's Strip Club Shenanigans/Beeeeeyotch! (Part 2)
  • 24. Little Bill's Father gets Pulled Over/Bill Cosby Returns Yet Again (Spoiler: He Dies At The End)
  • 25. Little Bill and the Heroin Dealer/Little Bill Bites his Mom's Ass
  • 26. Da Last Episode Fo' Realz!

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