Little San Juan (Holyoke, Massachusetts)

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Little San Juan
Flag of Puerto Rico
Motto: "¡GASOLINA!"
National Anthem: La Cucharacha!
Location of Puerto Rico

Location of Little San Juan

Official language Spanish
Capital Holyoke, Massachusetts
Mayor Michael J. Sullivan
Currency U.S. Dollar
Exports Cocaine & Herione
Religion Spicology

Little San Jaun was an American State that admitted to the union in May 1992. Founded on the premise that "no man is an island" and "But you can't win them all" the state was consumed back into Massachusetts once the Rebellion of Holyoke was put down in June 1992.


The History of Holyoke, Massachusetts is a very long one. The city was largely White at one time. However things changed once students at Mout Holyoke burned their bras and get their groins a flame in the name of equal rights for women. This created a perfect scenerio for White Flight, and since nature especially abhores a vacuum in Mt. Holyoke, the city was soon run by Puerto Ricans.

When the United States government put in place political correctness and Affirmative Action, it completely crushed the White population because no longer did they control the city they had absolutley no power over the thieving hordes of Puerto Ricans.

Hispanic Anarchy[edit]

Every book, sign, and Television show in the city has been translated into Spanish leaving the White minority cut off from the out side world. Many of the the White people have been brainwashed into thinking that Puerto Ricans and other non-White peoples who have invaded the city are supposedly "good hardworking people", only smart people know this is false.


As of the census of 2000, there were 39,838 people, 14,967 households, and 9,474 families residing in the city.

Holyoke has the highest concentration of Puerto Ricans of any city, state, or country outside Puerto Rico.[1] Always a city of working-class immigrants, ( although the Puerto Ricans don't work; they sit on their asses all day collecting Welfare ) the first wave of mill workers was predominantly Irish, and Holyoke still has a major St. Patrick's Day parade every year. Later waves of immigration led to significant communities of Poles and then, starting in the 1950s, the Puerto Ricans who form the largest majority today and now control the entire city.

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