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Live Aid is a festival that intergalactic Space Mutant Mono started in order to get the Nobel Peace Prize the last piece in his death ray to destroy the universe.

Mono started the festival by brainwashing a local paperboy Bob Geldof into caring for people who die, causing him to organize a large scale retaliation.

Around the time The Queen took the stage the brainwashing was losing it's effect and Geldof started to become the nihilistic monkey fucker he was before. It was then that he sought the help of local celebrity chef Jimmy Carter to try and ruin Mono's plans.

The Full Live Aid Line Up[edit]

  • The Queen first contracted it
  • Liam Gallagher of Oasis
  • David Bowie was next to latch on
  • Phil Collins had to have a go...because he'll never be as good as Peter Gabriel
  • Bob Geldof of course had to get himself after he started it all
  • Marlon Brando took a hit in the face after a nasty pearl necklace
  • Tiny Tim wasn't so caught it all over his WHANG
  • Elton John always up for a laugh...well who is laughing now Elton....who?
  • The Beatles started spreading the "love" as it were
  • Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem no one cares
  • Rolling Ato Ye not funny