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Note: Help improve this article. Change things as needed. Take off some stuff about Lola's "rap" career if you want - I don't care. However, the article and character wouldn't be much considering the fact LOLA WAS IN ONLY ONE CRAPPY BASKETBALL FILM AND NOT IN ANY CARTOONS.

“This bitch was hardcore on the court ”

~ Shaq on Lola

“I can play ball just as good as any man”

~ Lola Bunny on herself

“Don't ever call me doll”

~ Lola Bunny on Bugs

Lola Bunny born 1973 otherwise simply known as Lola is a gangsta rapper that came up on the music scene around 1990. She is known for hits like the single "Sexy Smooth" in 1997. However, she is also a well known actor that starred in the famous basketball film "Space Jam" along with Bugs Bunny. Lola Bunny is also well known as her image as a sex object that came from the movie Space Jam. In the movie it is stated that she and Bugs have a relationship. They don't have one in real life. Lola Bunny is actually a lesbian.


Lola Bunny chilling

Lola Bunny is not actually the very sweet person she seems in Space Jam. She was born in Compton and was a member of a gang in high school called SLAYERS. She gunned people down who fucked with her and her crew. She was so bad-ass that her parents and teachers were afraid to get on her bad side. She's gotten kind of mellow now that she is older but she still shows her violent nature on her rap albums. The directors who made Space Jam were kind of afraid to work with her because if they did something she didn't like,she would put a cap in their asses. But luckily, everything worked out well. In Space Jam she didn't like to be called doll or be downplayed because she was a female. She has that similar personality in real life. If anybody called her doll in real life they would get their asses kicked.

Early Life[edit]

Lola had a solemn upbringing in Compton, LA. She was born on April 3rd, 1973. One of her parents was Puerto Rican, Carlos Bunny. She had an American mother: Shirley Bunny. Carlos was a heavy drinker who worked as a drug dealer to provide for his family. He would regularly come home drunk and abuse her mother and Lola. He beat Lola with a baseball bat ever since she was 5. Her mother did nothing because she did not want to lose financial support from Carlos. Carlos never tried to stop drinking. Beer helped him relieve stress. When Lola was 13 she finally got sick of Carlo's beatings. She acquired a gun and when Carlos got home one evening and started beating her mother she blew his head the fuck off with her shotgun. Her mother was proud and encouraged her "gangsta" personality. Unfortunately now that Carlos was dead Lola and her mother got jobs as strippers to help pay the rent. At about age 15 Lola started getting involved in a gang in school called Slayers. Part of this was to help her relieve the stress of stripping. It was also a way to show that she was the boss and couldn't be fucked with. She was core member of the gang, shooting down rival gangs and stealing people's gold chains. She also got into rap to help her relieve the stress of stripping. She loved the strong attitudes of female rappers like Salt and Pepper and Queen Latifa. She also liked the gangsta attitude of rappers such as Ice T and NWA. She wanted to be a female version of these gangsta rappers because it made her feel powerful. So she started writing down raps - like her idols.

Music Career/movie career[edit]

As time went by Lola wrote down more and more raps and it became a passion for her. Some of the rap content Lola made consisted of experiences she had in her gang. Some of them were also about struggling on the street. She became pretty good. She amazed people on the street with her tales of drug dealing, guns and kicking people's asses. She won several talent shows at school. Around 16, she decided she wanted a record deal. She knew about the rapper Eazy-E and his label ruthless records. So she went to send him her demo tape. Eazy-E was impressed and signed her immediately. She made a single in 1990 called GANGSTA BITCH. which went to #4 on the hip hop charts.

Around 1992 she released her first album LOLA THE GANGSTA which was also a success. She has also made other successful albums. Another popular one was made in 1997 called JAM shortly after her movie role in Space Jam. She is probably most known as an actress for Space Jam. She got the part around 1995 when Bugs Bunny went scouting around for female talent. Bugs Bunny is a fan of hip hop and he listened to some of Lola's albums. He decided to cast her as a team mate in the movie. Lola thought this was a good opportunity to make extra money and get her more attention as a rap artist so she agreed to take the part. When she learned more about her part she nearly backed out. She was going to be portraying as a furry sex object with a belly shirt. Besides that she was going to portray Bugs Bunny's sex toy. She wanted to portray the real gangsta Lola. But Bugs and the producer convinced her to stay by paying her 300 million dollars. Lola herself quoted "I didn't want to be portrayed the way I was but damn I was getting my ass paid.

Success with Space Jam[edit]

Lola Bunny as seen in space jam(notice her role as a sex object for furries)

Space Jam debuted in theaters around 1996. It was a huge success. Not because Michael Jordan was in it or the well known Looney Toon characters but because of Lola herself. In the plot her basketball skills got her a playing spot on the Toon squad with Michael Jordan to battle the evil monster basketball team. They had made a bet and if the Looney Toons lost they would be slaves on their planet forever. The Looney Toons eventually got their game up and won against the monster team. One of her signature lines from the movie was "Don't ever call me doll". She said this line when Bugs called her "doll" during a basketball game. This was a parody of Pamela Anderson in the movie barb wire in which her catchprase was "babe". In the movie she and Bugs eventually formed a romantic relationship. Especially when Bugs saved her from being injured by getting her out of a path of a monster trying to crush her.

This movie role got her to superstardom. Not only did it help her rap career,it helped her get other jobs. She appeared regularly in a looney toons comic published by dc comics. She made a cameo in a direct to video looney toons film. A show called baby looney toons helped her make big money. It was essentially about the looney toons as babies. She starred as an infant version of herself. She did the voice acting for her young self. The plot revolved around the looney toon babies being babysat by Granny. She also got a video game deal. A game called looney toons racing was released. The software company paid her 2 million dollars just to get her approval for using her as a character in the game. She got many fans. Mostly male. A great deal of these fans were emotionally insecure furries who wanted to get in her pants. Some people who wanted her sweet ass were discouraged because of her so called relationship with bugs. But time and time again,she confessed in the press that bugs and her don't have a love relationship. They are friends but their relationship is strictly business oriented. But these male fans who loved her were still discouraged because lola confessed that she was also lesbian.

Not all was well.Lola's presence in Space Jam sparked a considerable amount of controversy An argument is that Lola was excessively seductive, and has no place among the fallible human characteristics of the rest of the Looney Tunes. She didn't do anything really cartoonish or get hurt like many looney toons characters would in the cartoons. Some people thought she was a bad attempt at portrayed a politically correct "strong and independent female. Many female fans of her raps turned their backs on her when they saw her in space jam.They thought she had gotten soft and became merely a sex object and not the hard core gangsta she portrayed in her rap career. However, she still became hugely rich and popular. There were people that knew that Space Jam was just a crappy attempt to update looney toons and Lola was simply getting paid to act a certain way in the movie.


Some of lola's hobbies are chilling and baking chocolate chip cookies. Making cookies helps her relax. She also likes alcoholic beverages. Her favorite alcoholic beverage is Beer. The directors of Space Jam had a hard time working with her because she was drunk many times during shooting of scenes for the movie. They had to stop her from beating up Elmer Fudd on the set. Why Elmer??? The directors had no idea. She is a big fan of Ricky Martin and Cypress Hill. In fact, her rapping style is very similar to the lead rapper from Cypress Hill.




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