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~ An Anonymous person dying of a lolgasm


~ Passerby who watched the lolgasm above

A Lolgasm is when the affected enters an uncontrollable fit of laughter and can't stop. If you find someone in this state get this person to a hospital IMMEDIATELY! Do not under any condition say a joke near someone in this state as it will increase laughter and decrease possible chances of survival. This state can be caused by a disease called lol syndrome and it also can be caused by a series of hilarious jokes in a row.

After having a lolgasm the resulting effect is the release of some Yelola which is a yellowy sticky substance made from the infinite loop which looks very funny.

How lolgasming works[edit]

In your brain there is a joke section that processes all the jokes, this is called lolcallabus. If a joke is told it stimulates the lolcallabus and usually sends out a signal to laugh out loud (or lol). Sometimes though if the joke is extra funny the lolcallabus overloads and goes into an infinite loop which causes a lolgasm. This lol signal continues until the affected is dead from loling or somehow manages to calm down through depression pills or some other form of anti-loling.


The first lolgasm ever recorded was in 500bc when someone fell face first into a pile of dog shit. A passer by started lolgasming and died soon after. There have also been many great incidents such as the great lolgasm of 1768 when the mayor of a certain town held a meeting of all the townsfolk and told a joke so funny, that the whole town soon died of a mass lolgasm. There were no survivors. Lolgasming is puportedly infectious. Go figure, fuckers.

Lolgasms today[edit]

Governments are proud to report that lolgasming deaths are at an all time low with only around 12,000 deaths per year. This is most likely because of the recently patented depression pills which have helped tens of thousands of people recover from a lolgasm. Government's are now worried that if something extremely funny happens on TV, then there may be a world wide lolgasm as millions of people watch TV a day.

Immunity to lolgasms[edit]

lolgasms also have origins from the days of the LOLrus, who had lost his bukkit. this caused a young hippoLOLamus who, at the time, happened to be ROTFLING IRL in his own shit, to become immune to lolgasms. But he was therefore opened up to lmaorgy, which is ten times worse. OWNED, head hurts.. ahhhdhfhghdLOL...gjdfhfLOLOLOLOLOL... *dies*