Looney Tunes: Back in Action

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  • As one star rises, another falls...
  • They don't give a Duck about things
  • They're tiny, they're toony, they're all a little psychotic
Writers Daffy Duck, William Shakespeare
Producers Oscar Wilde
Director Oscar Wilde
Runtime Ninety (90) minutes
Language English
Distributed by Fox Bros. Network
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Looney Tunes:Back in Action (also known as James Bond meets Daffy Duck and That Shit Movie with Bugs Bunny) was a 2003 film with a plot thinner than a sheet of paper that's been crushed by a steamroller. The film itself centres around the true events of the decline and fall of Bugs Bunny.


Set twenty years after Bugs Bunny openly shouted "Fuck" on national television, the Warner Bros. staff are looking for cutbacks to save the money being lost because of Bugs' offensive remark. Rather than lose their star rabbit, they fire Daffy Duck, who is forced onto the street until he is taken in by Sasha Montenegro (Montenegro is his love interest off-camera as well).

Back at the studio, Rap DJ Brendan Fraser is fired after spilling a glass of water on vice-president Lindsay Lohan, and like Daffy, is furious at being fired and goes home to sulk. Meanwhile, Bugs makes sneering remarks about his then-wife Lola Bunny, openly calling her a "Slut" and threatening to kill her if she stands up to him.

Back at home, DJ meets up with Sasha and Daffy, and the three agree to sue the studio for damages. All is going well until they realise that their lawyer is actually a Secret Agent for the fictitious Secret Headquarters In Toronto, or S.H.I.T., who are trying to recover The Blue Monkey, a rare animal in Africa, from an evil hunter, Elmer Fudd.

At Warner Bros, the Warner Brothers see a test-shot of Bugs, who does nothing but cuss at the director and vomits over the stage. Furious, the Brothers fire Bugs and order Lohan to recover Daffy at all costs. (At this point, the film points out the Mexican tabloids claims that Daffy was dead).

Arriving in Africa, Daffy, Sasha and DJ realise that Elmer is not the villain they're looking for, but merely a stooge. Elmer explains that he'd been hired to hunt down the Monkey and to take it to America. Daffy pays Elmer to release it back into the wild. They watch the Monkey disappear, in time for the main villain to arrive, Bugs himself.

Bugs explains that he was to kill and stuff the Blue Monkey and tour the world with it, and using the exhibition to distract people while he pinched their pockets. Hearing all, Elmer acts on impulse and shoots Bugs. With Bugs dying in his own home, Lola Bunny finally moves onto a successful career in Playboy Magazine, Daffy becomes the star of Warner Bros. again and Elmer becomes an agent of S.H.I.T..


The film won 4 Academy Awards for Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Bunny Murder and Best Tits (for the role of Lola). The film was also praised for it's message of Wildlife Conservation, and the depiction of Bugs' death.