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Where's that damn bus/carpool/plane/roflcakes?[edit]

Late for work, meeting your girlfriend, or kitten huffing? Tired of always having to apologize because of the inadequacies of your carpool leader, no matter how much of a sexual dynamo of epic/cosmic proportions he might be?

waesome 8)

Are you frequently:

Then maybe the Loooool train is for you!!!

wtf r u talking about??????????????????[edit]

Well, the Loooool train is a type of transportation that is used as the fastest and most reliable transportation to date. The Loooool train is owned and operated by God and the masters of the internets. In fact, the Loooool train is so widely-recognized and respected, it is used as a status symbol of congratulations nowadays, often conveyed in the form of a verbal congratulation; "Loooool train recognition".

mad propz 2 u, NIGGA!

k relly[edit]

some looooooooool examples in daily life[edit]

Here we have a picture of a young child, expressing his content and satisfaction by showing "e-props" by spreading the "loooooooool train recognition" (extra "o"s may be added at the user's discretion).

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL123456 watch out for the roflcomics express DOOT DOOT

Legal Troubles for the LOOOOOLTRAIN[edit]

Jesus Christ v. lol train[edit]

In the late '50s, the Loooool train underwent huge changes throughout its infastructure. Though it was theoretically unsafe for the Loooool train to continue its normal operations, it would have costed an enormous fortune to shut it down. Yes, God is rich, but just not rich enough. So he let the Loooool train continue to run. Unfortunately, during a run through the state of Alabama, the train crashed, killing one thousand, three hundred and thirty six. Unfortunately, one was left alive (albeit injured).. to sue. His name? Jesus Harold Christ.

"Son.. why are you doing this? Why are you suing me?"
"Dad... God... look, I know you love your loooool train, but I broke my foot from it, and--"
"So?! You could heal yourself with a flick of your wrist! You're the savior, god dammit."
"Don't take your name in vain, Dad."
"I will rape you with my fingers."
"What are you talking about?!"
"You COULD have saved me. You're omnipresent. Why didn't you just snap your fingers and save me from it? Don't you love me?"
"Of course I do son. But you could have saved yourself too. Damn it, I'm just trying to make some money. My Loooool train is da bomb, yo. Just heal yourself and stop your damn bitching. Don't sue me k t h x b i"
"I hope you'll someday understand. This is why. It's the PRINCIPLE of the thing. You need to start respecting me. And until you can do that, I'm going to sue you."
"Oh yeah? Well... YOU WERE AN ACCIDENT!"

Your mom v. the loooool train[edit]

Your mom's so ugly, she got on the loltrain and died. And then you sued them, rofl. sux2bu ha ha ha

Later Life Escapades[edit]

Totally unrelated picture of a llama meant to be funny but ends up just pissing everyone off.

  • the Loooool train ran over and killed the masters of the internets and hired an assassin to kill Buddha, making God (the owner of the Loooool train) the sole king of the universe. What a greedy bastard.

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