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Lord Hotdog is the leader of the Aliens from the planet Weirdthing. He is now President of the World. He loves hot dogs and chili, a lot.

Born Lotus Exwaeyandzee (prounounced X-Y-and-Z) on Weirdthing in Don't Ask, he changed his name when he entered High School to Lotus X. When he gradutated, he changed his name yet again to Lord X. When he first came to Earth in the body of the clone of Adolph Hitler, he ate a hot dog. After, he changed his name to Lord Hotdog of Weirdthing and declared himself bankrupt and the king of the planet, which, in USA law, would be impossible, but thats not the point. The point is all people die. Well, that's not the point either, so lets get back to the subject. As king, Hotdog carefully plotted the attack on Earth and then moved his starfleet first to Pluto, then what remained of Rupert, and then, finally, Earth. This autobigpahy was taken for his autobiographical website, www.iamlordhotdogthegreat.com.

He is believed to have gained what we might consider the throne approximately 300 years after the Perclepse - Nuandi war. The Appointed Senior Alien Succession and War Analyst George W. Bush is also certain that Lord Hotdog's excessive love of hot dogs and chili is related to the atmospheric condition at his home planet (still unknown).

Preceded by:
President of the World
3008 - present
Succeeded by:

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