Lord Yen

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Lord Yen (meaning Lord of the Money) descended from Malaysia and years later rose from Tasmania to reside in Perth. He has been conquered in a Civilization III game numerous times in the same game, but His divine powers managed to crash the game at a vital point and His Kingdom was spared from the evil Tufty McTufty.

When He was away from Perth, He thwarted burglars in His apartment by causing the roof to collapse on them. Lord Yen then publicly humiliated the evil ones by getting them to steal a security camera from a Hungry Jack’s, but leaving the tape behind for Crimestoppers to show.

As His alter ego Super Horatio, Lord Yen has displayed heroic qualities in saving three people from a killer dinosaur. Having discovered his superhero qualities, Lord Yen now offers a "Hire a Hero" service to the public.