Los Chiyorkphigo, New Jersey

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Los Chiyorkphigo (popularly known as The Big Disappointment) was a city in New Jersey with 1,298,201,388,265 people, but after The Great Petco Blowup of 2005 started by Oprah Winfrey, the city now has 305,329 people, all renamed Oprah Harpo. The Church of Oprah is located in the center of the city. Oprah is in the process of getting the city's name changed to Winfrey City. Los Chiyorkphigo is also known to be the capitol of Pennsyltucky and Kentuckistan.


The area now known as Los Chiyorkphigo used to belong to the Fukarwi Indians. The Fukarwi lived by gutting salmon, growing garlic and managing sewage treatment plants. When explorer Sir Theophilus Twidlingly-Loschiyorkphigo asked to buy land to build a city, the crafty Fukarwi sold him their landfil for a subscription to People Magazine. It must be noted that Sir Theophilus had lost his nose during a war with the Dutchman Tycho Brahe, who wanted a spare, and had no sense of smell.

Industrial Growth[edit]

The town grew slowly, until the invention of aerosol air-freshener in 1954, at which time the city boomed into a booming city. The city's rapid growth and lax anti-witchcraft laws led Oprah to use it as a base of operations for her eternal war against the human race. Sex flavored laxitives also spurred the growth of the city. The rest, as they say, is fiction.

Famous Los Chiyorkphigoians[edit]