Losing Cadence

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Losing Cadence

Losing Cadence is an American Rock band from Pensacola, Florida which formed in early 2011. The band released their debut EP on March 8th, 2012. Losing Cadence consists of lead vocalist Alex Arcari, guitarist's Jacob Palmer and Jon Lake, Nik Lee on bass and Brandon Mckendrick on drums.


Early years (Before Losing Cadence)[edit]

Never Too Soon formed in 2008. It was that band that lead Alex and Jacob to each other. Alex Arcari started Never Too Soon in February 2008, not even 2 months before he picked up a guitar for the first time. Alex who originally intended to play drums, realized with the lack of vocalist's around he had to take over that role in order to get the band anywhere, after getting the members together the band went to work. Though Never Too Soon didn't get out of the garage until late June of that year, the band quickly started generating shows on their local scene, which continued for almost 2 years while also self-releasing their debut EP "Operation Lights Out", after a few line-up changes the 3-piece held auditions for a new bassist. Jacob Palmer was asked to tryout by the bands drummer John Faist, ultimately he wasn't chosen but instead added to the band as lead guitarist. After a few more months as a band Never Too Soon broke up, Jacob and Alex tried to keep the band going by recruiting new members and changing their name to Marigold Drive(The street on which the band practiced) but soon after recording the single "Fate Worse Than Death"(Which they kept as LC's first single) with Original drummer Robert Smith and Never Too Soon bassist John Callahan.

My Friend The Giant formed in 2010. MFTG was a hardcore band started when Joey Alverson(former Never Too Soon bassist)left Never Too Soon, he started My Friend The Giant right after. Robert Smith and Nik Lee joined his band and they quickly started playing shows on the scene, but only a few short months later Joey would leave MFTG to re-join Never Too Soon ultimately ending My Friend The Giant, later that year Alex and Jacob approached Robert and Nik to join their band Marigold Drive.

Marigold drive formed in January of 2011 and orgiginally consisted of Alex Acari (Vocals), Jacob Palmer (Lead guitar/Vocals), Joey Alverson (Bass), Nik Lee (Rhythm Guitar) and, Robert Smith (Drums). It was a blend of both bands, Never Too Soon and My Friend The Giant, therefore they played both bands songs. Before they played their first show with this line up however Joey and Nik parted ways with the band and Alex returned to playing guitar and singing. This is when they first recruited Brandon Mckendrick. Brandon Mckendrick played bass for the band Needless when him and Needless parted ways Alex asked Brandon to come play bass for his band Marigold Drive.

Beginning of Losing Cadence[edit]

Alex, Jacob, Brandon and Robert started playing together in early February of 2011. After a few practices the band decided they wanted a fresh start, they agreed on the name Losing Cadence and began working on the new project, deciding not to announce anything until after they had everything in place the band didn't start promoting the band until they had their footing. They immediately released their first single "Fate Worse Than Death" as the band started gaining exposure.

As the band started writing new songs they were beginning pre-production on their debut EP at Rock House Recording Studio (Glory Of This, Emergency 911) in Destin, Florida. The band was done recording the album minus the vocals, when they ran out of funds to complete it.

After a few months their bassist Brandon left the band to re-join Needless. They replaced him soon after with Julian Askew, the band knew Julian from previous bands and they quickly picked back up where they left off. In June the band recorded 5 demos of the songs that were originally recorded to be released off their debut EP that got derailed. The band sold a few copies of the demo at shows for a short period.

The band parted ways with Julian in July and replaced him with Nik Lee who originally played in My Friend The Giant with Robert.

With this line-up the band stated gaining popularity and began opening up for bands such as Hawthorne Heights. Though Robert would soon announce his departure from the band via their facebook page.
"Hey guys Its robert, As you know (or will soon know), Chasity (My girlfriend) and I, have a little Robert on the way. Dont worry everything is now going fine im getting my finances figured out, and she is calming her family down, haha. I dont think it is a mistake in anyway, a child is a blessing that i plan on making my life. Your wondering right now.. "Okay, why does this relate to any of us, in anyway?" Well, this my good friends, is my last post as a member of this band. I have been around since the very begining, and i would have loved to ride to the top with all of my brothers in Losing Cadence.. But it is time for me to look at myself and realize that i cannot juggle a family, a band, and a job. The obvious choice is too drop everything for my child, and my Girlfriend Chasity. Alex, Jacob, Nik, and I have had many talks, and i guess they were right. I dont want this band holding me back from giving Chasity what she deserves.. A good life, with a good family, and i would never want anything i ever do to hold my brothers back from the dream we all share, even if that means, letting it go for them to do without me. Im not leaving on bad terms, im leaving because i have too guys, there is a point in your life, when you look in the mirror, and realize.. "What am i doing.." That point for me was today..earliar this afternoon, i looked at myself and realized i was being selfish on both ends..I need to let everyone in Losing Cadence do their dreams, no mater how bad it hurts. I need to sit down, and make a life for my family. Even typing this right now, i feel the need to cry, and choose to stay, but i cant and the whole band knows it. Every single person i have met while playing with this band, and every experience i have had with my brothers in this band, has forever changed me. Not every experience was an amazing one, but i learned from them nonetheless. I hope they continue to follow their dreams, and make it to where i know they can make it. This is my last post as a member of this band.. Alex, Jacob, Nik, i love you guys more then the world, no matter how homosexual that sounds, you guys are a huge part of my life, Im sorry i couldnt stay and take over the world with you guys like we planned... Ill miss making music with you, and playing shows with you. ...Your best friend Robert. See you guys later." -on Monday, September 26, 2011 at 1:31pm

We Are The Crime Rate[edit]

The band went into The Satellite Studio with Producer Drew Ray as a 3 piece to record their second single "The City Knows How". Soon after releasing the single the band announced that Cody Fortag would be their new drummer. After 2 shows with the band Cody and the band parted ways. The band remained a 3 piece for a few shows until they announced that Brandon Mckendrick(Former Bassist) would be coming back to the band as their drummer. With this new line-up the band recorded 3 more songs for their debut EP. Releasing it on March 8th, 2012.

Band members[edit]

  • Julian Askew - bass guitar (mid 2011–mid 2011)
  • Robert Smith - drums (early 2011-late 2011)
  • Cody Fortag - drums (October 2011-November 2011 )


  • Ape Shit Sessions Demo (June 2011, Self-released)
  • We Are The Crime Rate EP (March 2012, Self-released)