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LOST was a 2001 reality TV series that consisted of 46 players with little or no resources. Jeff Probst was the host of the show


Two of three last survivors partying alot.
  • Various other challengers - Did not make to the 46 originals and were voted off during a plane crash
  • Vincent Variety - Voted off 14. April 2001 day 1.
  • Jack Shephard - Voted off 15. April 2001 day 2.
  • Kate Holmes - Voted off 16. April 2001 day 3.
  • John Locke - Voted off 17. April 2001 day 4.
  • Wilson Wankers - Voted off 18. April 2001 day 5.
  • Thomas Buttz-Sawyer - Voted off 19. April 2001 day 6.


Quite often events happen in the show to keep the fans happy. These are often mysterious.

Voting Off[edit]

"Voting Off", also known as "Death" for fans, is simply part of any Survivor-based TV show, where the surviving players vote off 1 character. In this show the "fans" vote off the player that is worst in the game.

The Others[edit]

"Others" habitat the island and are quite mysterious. Little is known of the Others. However, the players have come close to them. At the end of the show, it was revealed that the others were played by KƏNΔN ΔLTRƏ (pronounced Keackenahan Ahaltreack) and his sister KYƏΔN ΔLTRƏ (pronounced Kyan Alters)

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