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The Incredible Lou Ferrigno
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Lou Ferrigno was the character played by Dr. Bruce Banner (under the alias of "David Banner"), in the live action show "The Incredible Lou Ferrigno." Dr. Bruce Banner auditioned for the role when he realized that his multiple personality disorder was perfect to play the bi-polar hulk.


Season 1[edit]

The first season tells the beginnings of Lou Ferrigno, from his days as a muscle-bound nuclear engineer to his encounter with the evil "Gamma Ray Charles". Ferrigno accidentally kills his friend when he sits down on him. He crushes him, and then jumps away at 500 miles per hour.

Season 2[edit]

The second season tells the various stories of Ferrigno's escape from capture. Many of the episodes involve him defending minorities and women. At the end of each episode a sad piano solo plays, signaling Ferrigno continuing his journey to control the burning desire to play lead roles.

Series Finale[edit]

The series ends with Ferrigno eventually meeting Doctor Strangelove, who separates Lou Ferrigno from the Hulk.

Lou Ferrigno: The Movie[edit]

Bruce Banner moved on from the series, expecting to get roles handed to him, but instead returned silently to his job at the S Mart. A year later, in desperation, he asked to reprise the role once more. A movie was created where Hulk (with his powers for no apparent reason), Spiderman, Lord Arthexis and Mr. Skipperdoo The Adorable Bunny (notably, the grandson of Harvey) team up to take down the threat of twisted politician Jim Carrey. Within the first 20 minutes of screentime, Carrey is defeated, but Lou's powers began to fluctuate and he loses all control. The rest of the movie deals with the epic battle of the heroes until all are defeated but Mr. Skipperdoo, who takes Hulk down with a gentle hop. The movie was a near bomb for Bruce Banner, but rocketed Mr. Skipperdoo to fame and a long running franchise of TV shows and movies.